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Week Ending: 19/11/2023

CCRC Yearbook
Please don’t forget to have a think about your articles and adverts for the 2023 Yearbook…. There have been some lovely events and achievements this year, it would be great to record them for posterity in the official Curly Coated Retriever Club of Great Britain 2023 Yearbook.
Articles can be submitted free of charge for the Yearbook and it’s great if you can include some photographs – don’t worry about formatting any documents, if it’s easier you can email the text and photographs separately, we’ll pull it all together.
The prices for an Advert remain the same as last year, that’s £25 for a single page, and £40 for a double page. The specifications are – portrait page size is 15.4cm wide by 21.6cm high. Page margins need to be set at 0.8cm on all sides. You can fill the page with colour but any artwork, text and photos need to be within the margins. Please email the advert in jpeg format.
If you have any problems with any of the above, have any queries,  or need help to create your advert please email both of the Yearbook Co-ordinators, Wendy Tarelli & Jo Clayton at: &

The deadline for submission is 15 December 2023.

Club News

Event Cancelled
The Curly Coated Retriever Club UK Northern Training Hub, 26 November 2023
Gundog Training Day

The Curly Club is sorry to announce that a Gundog Training Day due to be held on Sunday 26 November 2023, in Cumbria, has had to be cancelled.  We apologise to anyone who was planning to attend, we know you’ll be disappointed. However, we are hoping to reschedule it in 2024….

Open Show Results

Gundog Club of North Wales – Clwb Adargwn Gogledd, 18 November 2023
Judge: Bill Milton (Braebrits)

Post Graduate
1 Mr J & Mrs MB Stephens, Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow JW

1 Mr J & Mrs MB Stephens, Ravenho Looks Like Trouble For Brightmeadow, BOB

President’s Open Stakes
Judge: Howard Ogden (Beauview)
2 Mr J & Mrs MB Stephens, Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow JW

Forrest – Ravenho Looks Like Trouble For Brightmeadow then won Best In Show, under Judge Howard Ogden (Beauview).


Southern Counties, 3 June 2023
Susan Kannangara’s Critique is now available here on the Show Results page.

Richmond Championship Show, 8 September 2023
Ruth Barbour’s Critique is now available here on the Show Results page.

Windsor Gundog Society, 5 April 2023
Judge: Jane Howarth
Puppy (3,1)
1 Richard and Flaher’s Tessmene Icing on the Cake. Finely headed 7 month liver. Well developed ribs for her age with good width and enough depth. Moderate rear angulation. She was presented in good coat and moved well for her age.
2 Sutton and Whitehead’s Foxriever Grey Ghost. Another of 7 months. Good head proportions. Strong in neck with tight round feet. Moved well once settled. Just needs a bit more confidence to do himself justice.

Junior (2,1)
1 Foxriever Grey Ghost.

Post Graduate (2,1)
1 Sutton’s Hopeall And Aat’s Bud Spencer. At two, is developing along the right lines. Well shaped head with good ear placement and dark eyes. Good length of body, just needs to fully mature. Presented in good coat. Best of Breed.

Open (3,1)
1 Hopeall and Aat’s Bud Spencer.
2 Leggett’s Kagemusha Ki Ken Tai. Now ten years old. Well proportioned head strong legs and tight round feet. Had to give way to youth today.

Otley Canine Society, 1 August 2023
Judge: Rachel Barney
Puppy (1)
1 Inman’s Foxriever Silver Wing Among Keamarola, confident puppy, ok in head, well made fore and aft, good body, deep ribs that went well back, held her topline, moved out well for her age. BOB and BP.

Yearling (1)
1 Green’s Ravenho Comradai, happy youngster, not a bad head, good length of neck, a little forward in shoulder placement, ok in rear, not too bad in body, better when he relaxed, happy on the move. RBOB.

Newton Abbot & South Devon Canine Society, 26 August 2023
Judge: Hilary Male (Malenbrook)
Open (3,0)
1 Edworthy’s Maycourt Heartbreaker – Masculine dog who appealed for breed type and balance, masculine wedged shaped head, dark eye, clean neck into well placed shoulders, straight forelegs leading to tight feet, deep chested, well sprung ribs, moderate bend of stifle, in good coat, presented well, moved well. BOB
2 Courtier’s Maycourt Take Me To The Top – 8 months old bitch who needs time to fill her frame but has the essentials there, correct head and body proportions for age, in good coat, moved well and must have a bright future. BP & RES BOB
3 Courtier’s Maycourt Cover Shot

Windsor Gundog Society, 4 October 2023
Judge: Sarah Loakes
1 Suttons Foxriever Grey Ghost. 13 month old liver male who had really good overall balance when stacked. His outline was typical Curly Coat. Masculine without being overdone. Moved out well with a good stride.
2 Richards & Flaher Tessmene Icing On The Cake By Kagemusha. Very feminine liver, just not as forward as 1 and just dropping her topline slighty when stacked. Balanced quality head. Moved well.

Post Graduate
1 Suttons Hopeall And AATs Bud Spencer (Imp Ger) This young dog has depth throughout giving the impression of power. Super wedge shaped head, muscular neck into well developed forequarters. Pasterns were strong. Deep through the chest with well sprung rib. Moved well with drive. Super coat.
2 Spencers Crimblescurl Elm. Decent type with balanced head. Excellent coat but was quite lethargic on the move today.

1 Boormans Tessmene Talk Of The Town. Appealing liver male. Well put together, excellent depth throughout with strong outline. Correct wedge shaped head with super expression. His movement was free and active with positive footfall. BOB
2 Richards & Flaher Tessmene Top Notch By Kagemusha. Another male with a strong outline, held himself well. Super tight curls. Just not as positive as 1 on the move today.
3 Spencers Crimblescurl Elm