Curly Comms

Week Ending: 06/08/2023

What a fantastic weekend for Curly Coated Retrievers! We have three new Show Champions! (subject to KC approval)
At Paignton:
Di Courtier’s ‘Dolly’ – Sh Ch Maycourt Stairway To Heaven JW
Gill Boorman’s ‘Austin’ – Sh Ch Tessmene Talk Of The Town

At National Gundog:
Fiona & Chimene Carrick’s ‘Puss’ – Sh Ch Tessmene The Cats Whiskers

We thought just for something different we would ask about the background to the affixes….

Di told us that ‘Maycourt’ is made up of her own middle name ‘May’, which was also her Mum and Grandma’s name, and the first part of her surname ‘Court’. She said she had a couple of requests denied before having her affix agreed by the Kennel Club.
Di also told us this is the 10th champion she has bred, such a fanastic achievement!

Fiona told us that ‘Tessmene’ is made up of the names of two of her daughters. ‘Tess’ is from Tessa and ‘Mene’ is from Chimene. Fiona also told us that the affix is often mispronounced and it is actually correct to say ‘Tessmain‘.

Love all this, it’s so interesting….

Many Congratulations to you all!

Champ Shows

Paignton & District Fanciers Association, 5 August 2023
Judge: Mrs N Parker-Miles
A great entry for Breed Specialist Judge, Nina Parker-Miles, right in the South West of the UK – 35 dogs making 38 entries. It was rather a challenging day in relation to the weather, we experienced our first named storm of the year, with 60 mile an hour wind gusts. I think we thought we were going to lose the marquee at one point…

Nina’s winners were:

Best of Breed : Miss D Courtier, Maycourt Stairway To Heaven JW
Dog CC : Miss Gill Boorman, Tessmene Talk Of The Town
Res Dog CC : Mrs Helen Hodson, Rowancurl Gentle Gaelor
Bitch CC : 2159 Miss D Courtier, Maycourt Stairway To Heaven JW
Res Bitch CC : Mr & Mrs J & M B Stephens, Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow JW
Best Puppy : Miss K Riva, Tessmene Rock That Look
Best Veteran : Mrs Denyse Jane & Mr Andrew Whitehead, Sh Ch Kelsmere Kamana For Foxriever Sh.CM

Gill Boorman with Austin, Tessmene Talk of the Town and Di Courtier with Dolly, Maycourt Stairway to Heaven JW both took their 3rd and crowning CC to become Show Champions (subject to KC approval).
Di and Dolly, Maycourt Stairway To Heaven JW were also shortlisted in the Gundog Group.

All the results can be found here on the Show Results Page.

National Gundog Association, 6 August 2023
Judge: Mr A M Scott
Another excellent entry, this time for Breed Specialist Judge, Alistair Scott, 53 dogs making 73 entries.
A better day weather wise, although we did have some periods of torrential rain, but thankfully that was after the Curly judging…

Alistair Scott’s winners were:

Best of Breed : Mrs F & Miss C Carrick, Tessmene The Cats Whiskers
Dog CC : Mr J & Mrs M B Stephens, Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW ShCM
Res Dog CC : Mr K & Mrs M Solomon, Foxriever Mystic Marvel At Elkysar
Bitch CC : Mrs F & Miss C Carrick, Tessmene The Cats Whiskers
Res Bitch CC : Miss V Hayes, Mrs N Biglin, Mrs L Walton & Ms C Chattwood, Gorchest’s Pendlecurls’s Rising Star At Pepperiever (Imp USA)
Best Puppy : Mrs F & Miss C Carrick, Tessmene Tickety Boo
Best Veteran : Mr A M & Mrs D J Whitehead, Sh Ch Kelsmere Kamana For Foxriever ShCM
Best Special Beginners : Mrs E Sutton, Kelsmere Kaddington

Fiona & Chimene Carrick with Puss, Tessmene The Cats Whiskers, took her 3rd and crowning CC to become a Show Champion (subject to KC approval).
Vicki Hayes, Nancy Biglin, Lori Walton & Caron Chattwood with Anise, Gorchest’s Pendlecurls’s Rising Star at Pepperiever (Imp USA) won her first Reserve Challenge Certificate to gain her Kennel Club Stud Book Number. Congratulations!

All the results can be found here on the Show Results Page

Also to Note at National Gundog:
Stakes Classes
Judge: Mrs C Schofield
Class 719. NGA Champion Stakes Bitch
Entries: 18 Absentees: 0
Reserve (4th Place) 945 – Sh Ch Maycourt Hot Love At Tusepo, Breed: Retriever (Curly Coated) (Mr N & Mrs S D Spraggins)

Stakes Classes
Judge: Sami Bull
Fosse Data Systems Senior Handling
Class 690. 17 – 30 years, Entries: 6 Absentees: 2
1st Place Sarah Finch

Class 692. 46 – 59 years, Entries: 8 Absentees: 2
Reserve (4th Place) Nina Parker-Miles

Henry Parker-Miles also took part in the YKC Members’ Handling Classes, well done Henry!

Open Show Results

Otley Canine Society, 1 August 2023
Judge: Rachel Barney (Verrami)
1st: Mrs K Inman, Foxriever Silver Wing Among Keamarola, BOB & BP

1st: Mr C and Mr G Green, Ravenho Comradai Cymro, RBOB

North Devon Agricultural Show, 2 August 2023
Judge: Carol Moore
1. M. Edworthy Maycourt Heartbreaker, BOB & Gundog Group 4
2. D. Courtier Maycourt Take Me To The Top, RBOB & BPIB
3. D. Courtier Maycourt Cover Shot

AV Gundog
Judge: Carol Moore
1. D. Courtier Maycourt Cover Shot

AV Puppy Stakes
Judge: Kevin Rees
3. D. Courtier Maycourt Take Me To The Top (winning £20.00 prize money)


The Working Curly
Minority Breeds Working Test at The Game Fair
, Sunday 30 July 2023

Many thanks to Steve Davies for sending a report on last week’s working test, and thanks to the fabulous ‘Breed Notes’ ladies for sharing.

Steve told us:
For the first time at The Game Fair there was to be a Minority Breeds Working Test to be held in The International Arena on the sunday. Sue received an invitation to enter a CCR team and some training days were arranged by kind permission of Lesley Eden to use her ground. So the team was to be Sue with River, Nick Eden with Megan & Heather Driscoll with Beau, unfortunately River came in season as we were about to set off for Ragley, so myself Steve Davies & Rain (10 yrs old) went alone & filled the now vacant team place. We started the Working Test at 9.30am on the sunday, we were the second team to compete and pleased to say all the team completed their retrieves as set. Although finishing fourth with 215 points just 10 behind third it was a creditable achievement given the short time we had to organise ourselves. It is to be an annual event at The Game Fair after the inaugural event was a great success and we look forward to getting a team ready to compete next year.
Steve Davies


Taunton & District Canine Association, 17 June 2023
Judge: Miss Bethan Williams (Trebettyn)
AVNSC Gundog
Post Graduate (2,0)
1st Stephens’ Ravenho Up Town Girl for Brightmeadow. Curly Coated Retriever. Where do I begin with this young bitch. She caught my eye as she entered the ring and didn’t disappoint. At just 12 months she has a feminine wedge head of correct proportions, with a slight stop. The best of eyes which are oval and obliquely set. Ears of good size and well set. Strong neck of medium length leading onto the best of shoulders which are well laid back and muscular. Straight forelegs which are set well under her body with strong pasterns and plenty of bone. Standing on the best of feet which are tight and round. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Short loin, slight tuck up and body of good length. Moderate turn of stifle and strong hindquarters. Tail of good length that flows from her strong level topline. The best of coats with a thick mass of crisp, tight curls. She’s in excellent body and muscular condition. When she moves she confirms everything you feel with your hands on. Showing good forward extension and driving from the rear, effortless and powerful. Her elegance and cheeky personality make the full package. She gained her JW on the day and I’m sure that’s just the first of her titles. The only problem, she isn’t mine. BAVNSC and G1