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Week Ending: 30/06/2024
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The Working Curly
CCRC Northern Hub – Gundog Training, 30 June 2024

How’s this for a fantastic photograph of all those taking part in the gundog training – look at all those Curlies…! And of course the ‘honorary Curlies’….
CCRC trainer Heather Barber had her girls Bea & Harriett there, Will was there too as Head Dummy Thrower, and also ofcourse all her gang:
Giles – Sh Ch Foxriever Picture Perfect For Blanshard
Louis – Lou Du Pays Fort At Blanshard
Edgar – Tonispada Vuori Vincent By Blanshard,
and Syd the Lab.

Attending the day were:
Shirley Buchanan with May – Fleetpaw First Lady, and Glory – Curlies On Wings Crossroad Glory
Nikki Dick with Arthur – Firecurl Excalibur, and her Lab, Brian
Jo & Brett Clayton with Clover – Firecurl Gorgie Porgie, and Sorrel – Firecurl Ace
Jeannette & Alan Findlow with Louise – Roughyeds Rita Tanner, and Marion – Roughyeds Gold Stick Cellar
Annabel Wynne-Jones with Cherry – Crimblescurl Cherry

CCRC Training Co-ordinator & Trainer, Heather Barber said, ‘The CCRC Northern Hub held its second full day gundog training session on Sunday 30th June 2024, near Keswick, Cumbria, again amid spectacular Lakeland scenery. Some 7 handlers attended with 11 Curlies (plus 3 Labs). There were a mixture of abilities accommodated ranging from complete beginners, adolescents, to more advanced novices. The focus in the morning was on an introduction to the basics and group work on open ground. In the afternoon there were a range of individual exercises in a woodland setting, culminating in a walk up to shot, in which all were able to participate. So pleased to see the dogs steadily progress throughout the day. Extra big thanks to Will, our Head Dummy Thrower and especially the Lingholm Estate for use of their land and facilities, plus Bea and the rest of our helpers.

Jo Clayton told us, ‘We had a great day, what a beautiful location, Heather was great… We were stood on a hill looking over derwent water & looking up catbells & we had a lunch & chat & i’d made a raspberry cake with lemon curd & it was just a lovely day.

Annabel Wynne-Jones told us, ‘So pleased with Crimblescurl Cherry today at the Curly Gundog training day. Steady, marked, picked retrieved to hand. Job done. A lovely day. Thank you Heather Barber & the Curly Coated Retriever Club

Next session: We have a full day training session organised for 12 October 2024 with professional trainer Emma Stevens of Cunningshot Dog Training. Save the date – more details to follow.

CCRC Championship Show, 13 July 2024
By the time you read this, entries will have closed for the 40th Curly Coated Retriever Club Championship Show. We really hope you all got your entries in on time….
The entry details have subsequently been announced – 66 Dogs, 75 Entries, 7 NFC – what a great entry!
Our judge this year is Breed Specialist, Adrian Knight, a gentleman who has a very long association with Curlies – it should be a great show.

CCRC Fun Day, 14 July 2024
Hopefully when you’ve entered the Champ Show, you’ve opted to stay over and camp, we had a lovely evening on the Saturday night last year…. And well, if you haven’t or indeed have missed the entry deadline…. well why not come along and join in the fun of the Fun Day anyway. There will be lots of activities for you and your beloved Curlies to take part in, and it will be great to see you there.

Don’t forget, this year we are celebrating that the Curly Coated Retriever Club has been registered with The Kennel Club for 125 years, how fantastic is that, what history….! And there will be commemorative memorabilia available at the CCRC Club Shop.

Champ Shows

Windsor Championship Show, 28 June 2024
Judge: Mr DG Hutchison
43 Dogs, making 51 Entries, had a day out at Windsor on Friday, and what a lovely venue this is with the river and the castle.
Breed judge, Mr David Hutchison’s main winners were:

Best of Breed: Mrs S & Mr H Parker-Miles, Overbore’s Ace Of Hearts
Dog CC: Mr ST & Mrs ED Clack, Bazzy Inti Anka At Molokain (Imp Cze)
Reserve Dog CC: Mrs Parker-Miles, Tengore Mr Moonlight
Bitch CC: Mrs S & Mr H Parker-Miles, Overbore’s Ace Of Hearts
Reserve Bitch CC: Mr J & Mrs M B Stephens, Sh Ch Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow JW
Best Puppy: Mr J & Mrs M B Stephens, Brightmeadow Rumour Has It
Best Veteran: Mr J & Mrs M B Stephens, Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW ShCM
Best Special Beginner: Miss P A Janks, Tessmene Tempest Sky At Beauport

Huge Congratulations to Tom & Elaine Clack and handler, Ed Eddery, on winning their first Curly CC with Spice, Bazzy Inti Anka At Molokain (Imp Cze)
The results can be found here on the Show Results Page.

Also to Note at Windsor
It was a fabulous Veteran Gundog Group 2 for Jerry & Maggie Stephens’ Tarzan, Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW ShCM under group judge Mr P Lawless (Ireland).

YKC Members’ Stakes
AV Gundog, Entries 9, Abs 0
Judge: Mr S Parsons
1st Place 2188 – Epsilon Adhara at Molokain, Breed: Retriever (Curly Coated) (Mrs ED & Mr E & Mr ST Clack & Eddery & Clack)

The Eukanuba Puppy Stakes
Judge: Mrs V F D Williams-Wegmann
A.V. Gundog Puppy Bitch, Entries 16, Abs 6
1st Place 2188 – Epsilon Adhara at Molokain, Breed: Retriever (Curly Coated) (Mrs ED & Mr E & Mr ST Clack & Eddery & Clack)


Barn Hunt
Jo McKenzie & Tresco – Ravenho Toulouse Latresco At Beddgelert, have been out and about at a Barn Hunt, and had a great time, Jo told us…
‘We are going on a ‘Barn Hunt’ 🐀
Tresco had a great time and loved it
Having got her attention, Tresco was off lead and was soon scenting for the tube that contained the dead rat. We started with one tube on a rack, so that it was an easy find.
The next search the tube was then placed in the middle of a group of bales and this time Tresco had to air sent then check around the bales. She was confident and happy to climb on and walk around bales and again located the tube with ease. We had several other finds progressively more difficult, one with a dummy tube as well as the rat tube.
Other participants included a group of Manchester Terriers, they were a little cautious of the bales and unseen tube, it was particularly interesting to watch them as they found the tube, they were far more careful using their innate behaviour of being careful in case the rat attacked. Tresco was ‘I’ve found it party time!’
We have the beginners rosette and I think we will go again as Tresco enjoyed herself.
Not easy to get a place on a course, not many about at the moment. If your interested look on Facebook page Barn Hunt UK for different venues around the country.’

Curlies Out Fund Raising
Companion Dog Show for a Great Cause…

Great to hear from Mechelle Jacques (Curlabull). Mechelle & her gang have been to a Companion Dog Show to help raise funds for the North East Air Ambulance. Ceilidh, Curlabull Northern Dancer, won the gundog class and Obi pup (Miniature Poodle) went on to Reserve Best Puppy in Show. Mechelle thanked Ellie Seeley for running Ceilidh, on the day.

Fundraising at the Steamfair….
Rachel Arnold & James Dobson and their gang have been out this weekend at Bloxham Steam Rally. Rachel told us…
It’s been a warm weekend, but we kept cool with our cooling coats, lots of shade and water. We went in the Fun Dog Show, raising funds for Food Fairies for Street Dogs and Cats. The lab got a special award, and the Curly one – Kopis, Roughyeds Regal George At Treecave, won first place in Best Pedigree, and then won Best In Show! The judge loved him!


Eastbourne & District Canine Society, 23 June 2024
Judge: Christine Morgan
What a lovely friendly show this was; my thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me.
1st EPSILON ADHARA AT MOLOKAIN. RBOB. BP. This is a very nice puppy indeed. She presents so well on the stack and is a beautiful shape. She has the bone and substance that is fundamental to this breed yet still appears elegant. She is deep in brisket, has well laid shoulders and length and return of upper arm giving plenty of dog in front. Ribs are well sprung, loins well muscled and she has wide and powerful quarters with a moderate turn of stifle. Her head is pretty and wedge shaped with dark almond shaped eyes set correctly. In very good coat and condition; moved with a precise footfall. Puppy Group 2.
1st FOXRIEVER GREY GHOST. Well balanced and upstanding dog who has plenty of heart and lung room and good lay of shoulder. Carries a level topline and a crisp coat. He has a very handsome wedge shaped head with small ears and oval shaped obliquely set eyes.
2nd MOLOKAIN HOCUS POCUS. She is a lovely type with plenty of substance, a lovely head and expression but tends to sink into herself and her young handler got the very best out of her. Decent coat but not as crisp as the winner’s and wasn’t as positive behind.
1st TESSMENE TOP NOTCH BY KAGEMUSHA. BOB. This dog has such a very good coat it being a thick mass of tight crisp curls. Sadly, the others in this class were either shedding or out of coat and this was a deciding factor. He is well ribbed back, longer than tall, has an excellent pro-sternum, is strongly boned and has moderately well muscled quarters. He has a handsome wedge shaped head with expressive dark eyes and small well set ears. He presents a good outline with a level back and a moderate bend of stifle and has the required touch of elegance about him. Covers plenty of ground on the move but could have gone with a bit more verve.
2nd BAZZY INTI ANKA AT MOLOKAIN (IMP CZE). Not in the coat of the winner and not as good in hind movement but he is balanced and presents a strong and powerful outline. Would like a touch more length of foreface.

SKC Oct Show held in May, 19 May 2024
Judge: Irene Glen
1 Dick’s Firecurl Exalibur. Lovely puppy who has such substance and depth for his age. Lovely wedge shaped head, dark eye and pleasing expression. Strong neck onto well laid shoulders. Stands on good legs and feet, lovely topline with nice width of hindquarters. Moved steadily on a good stride for his age.
1 Barber’s Tonispada Vuori Vincent By Blanshard. A well made young dog, balanced with an excellent head and soft expression. Straight front, well placed shoulders and lovely depth and substance. Well rounded quarters. Free mover.
2 Sutton & Whitehead’s Foxriever Grey Ghost. Lovely type with good depth and substance. Head of good proportions with a lovely eye. Pleasing front, short strong loin and good width of second thigh. Moved well fore and aft.
3 Dooley’s Rowancurl Pullman Porter
1 Clack’s Bazzy Inti Anka at Molokain (CZE IMP). This dog is so well balanced throughout with the best of heads and expression. Clean over his neck and shoulders with a lovely front assembly. Good depth and substance, ribs well back and has a short loin, correct topline and tail set. Well developed quarters. Presented in the best of coats. Moved out with a free and easy stride. BD & BOB
2 Johnstone & Stokes’s Sh Ch Talismanic Bag of Tricks. Lovely type with a correct wedge masculine head. So well built throughout and has a straight front with plenty of heartroom. Well placed shoulders, strong bone and has excellent depth and substance. Moved with good reach and drive. Res BD
3 Barber’s Sh Ch Foxriever Picture Perfect for Blanshard
Special Beginners Dog
1 Arnold & Dobson’s Roughyeds Regal George at Treecave. Lots to like about this lad. Good head and eye, strong neck onto well laid shoulders and has lovely bone and substance. Moved well. BSB
1 Clack & Eddery’s Epsilon Adhara at Molokain. She is so beautifully balanced and feminine throughout. Lovely wedged head with a dark eye and a soft expression. Arched neck onto well laid shoulders with excellent front assembly. Lovely depth and substance with a super topline and well made quarters. Correct coat. Moved with reach drive, BP. Delighted to see her place 2nd in the Puppy Group.
2 Stephens’s Brightmeadow Come On Eileen. Another quality girl with a lovely wedge-shaped head with a kind eye and best of expressions. Strong neck and correct shoulder placement. Lovely depth and substance for her age. Good width of hindquarters. Moved steadily on a pleasing stride.
1 Whitehead’s Foxriever Ritual Flame. Correct head shape with a good eye and expression. Strong muscular neck set in well placed shoulders. Pleasing depth of chest with plenty of heartroom. Good bone and substance along with well rounded hindquarters.
1 Bain’s Crumblescurl Time to Tango at Wenichones JW. She is so well balanced throughout and presents a very typical appearance Best of heads, dark eye and neat well placed ears. Clean over her neck and shoulders. Lovely front assembly with good depth and substance. Short loin, well ribbed and has a correct topline and tail set with the required moderate bend of stifle. Such a sound and free and easy mover. BB
2 Stephens’s Ravenho Up Town Girl for Brightmeadow JW. Feminine throughout with a good wedge-shaped head and kind eye. Strong neck onto well laid shoulders. Pleasing front and good spring of rib with a firm loin. Well made hindquarters with good width of second thigh. Moved well fore n aft. Res BB
3 Cummins’s Molokain Enchanted One

Edwinstowe & District Canine Society Premier Show, 29 March 2024
Judge: Jenny Millard (Rubylea)
P 1(0)
1. Clack/Eddery’s Epsilon Adhara at Molokain. Lovely pup who oozed style and showmanship, so well off for body for one so young, loved balance fore and rear with that typical coat of dense curls all over, correct top-line and lovely feet, on the move he glided around the girls and had charisma in abundance, BP.
PG 1(0)
1. Clack’s Molokain Hocus Pocus. Mature bitch, not quite concentrating on the job in hand today but did enough, her head is typical and feminine, on the move she was clean and steady but didn’t wholly make the best of herself, she has much to like but just needs a little more practice to ensure she shows herself to best advantage.
O 4(1)
1. Clack’s Bazzy Inti Anka at Molokain (imp CZE). Liver male, smaller than some but balanced all the same and managed the ring a little better today, slightly more rear angulation than 2, super top-line, good strong dentition with correct scissor bite, lovely neck into good shoulder, he was a pleasure to assess, would prefer a more typical head BOB.
2. Brookes’ Infallibles Black Crusader at Keismere (imp NOR). Tall, upstanding male with the most laid back attitude you could wish to meet, he has type in spades, I’d rather a little more oomph on the move, he is absolutely class in shape and quite stylish, he certainly fills the eye and is so well off for body, is in super condition and a real credit to his owners, I hope he soon finds his ‘on button’, RBOB.
3. Stubbs’ Brightmeadow Take Your Time at Densdale.

East Of Scotland Canine Club, 3 March 2024
Judge: Pauline Smith (Tzaziki)
AVNSC Gundog Open
2 Mr L & Mr M Bain, Crimblescurl Time To Tango At Wenichones JW – Curly coat retriever. Really liked this girl. Has a great texture to coat. Beautiful head and muzzle with a good eye set. Strong construction without any coarseness. Moved so easily round the ring.