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Week Ending: 21/05/2023
Club News

Tarzan’s Achievements Recognised
The Club has recognised Tarzan, Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW (ShCM), by giving him his own page on the official CCRC Website to acknowledge his status as the new Breed Record Holder.
Click here to read more about him.

Champ Shows

Windsor Championship Show, 1 July 2023
Notice of a change of judge for the Curlies at Windsor 2023, it will now be Mr Frank Kane.

SKC, 20 May 2023
Curly people made the trip up to Scotland for SKC and judge, Jeff Horswell. It was a lovely day!
Jean Cummings’ Nova (Molokain Enchanted One) won her first CC and Best of Breed, handled by Cameron Stokes.
Wendy & Richard Tarelli’s Deco (Hunters Pride Jurajska Gwiazda At Tarockwood (Imp Pol)) won the Dog CC for the second show in a row after winning his first CC at Birmingham National.
The full SKC results can be found here.

Please note the results are slightly different to those on Higham Press, Nikki Dick’s Crimblescurl Beech was 2nd in both PGB & LB. Higham Press shows Annabel Winn-Jones’ Crimblescurl Cherry was 2nd in LB, but Annabel confirmed that Cherry was absent.

Open Show Results

Devon County Show, 18th May 2023
Judge: Andy Swannell
Open Dog
1 Mr K & Miss A Masson & Glover’s Tessmene Summer Solstice RBOB
2 Margaret Edworthy’s Maycourt Heartbreaker

Open Bitch
1 Diane Courtier’s, Maycourt Stairway to Heaven JW, BOB, she also went on to win the Gundog Group under Judge Tim Harrison.

South of England Gundog Club Open Show, 21 May 2023
Judge: Carolyn Fry
1 Gill Flaher’s Tessmene Icing On The Cake By Kagemusha, then RBOB & BP
2 Sutton & Whitehead & Whitehead Mrs E & Mrs D & Mr A Foxriever Grey Ghost

Special yearling
1 Sutton & Whitehead & Whitehead Mrs E & Mrs D & Mr A Foxriever Grey Ghost

1 Gill Boorman’s Tessmene Talk Of The Town, then BOB. Austin was also shortlisted in the group for BIS
2 Mrs E Sutton’s Hopeall and Aat’s Bud Spencer (Imp Ger) Deu Jun Ch

Royal Welsh Agricultural Society Premier Open Show, 21 May 2023
Judge: Mr Blake Crocker
AVNSC Junior
1 Maggie and Jerry Stephens, Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow AVNSC BOB, BPIB, Adult Group 4 & Puppy Group 3

AVNSC Post Graduate
2 Maggie and Jerry Stephens, Ravenho Looks Like Trouble For Brightmeadow

Poole Canine Club, 21 May 2023
Judge: Chris Mills
1 Karol Riva’s Tessmene Rock That Look, and BPIB

1 Margaret Edworthy’s Maycourt Heartbreaker, and BOB


Hoopers Competition Day, 21 May 2023
After a lovely day for Shirley Buchanan and Glory (Curlies On Wings Crossroad Glory) at SKC on 20 May, where Glory won Best Special Beginner, on Sunday it was May’s turn….
May (Fleetpaw First Lady) & Shirley attended a Hoopers Competition Day, at Cast Dog Training, Near Great Fencote, North Yorkshire. YOu will know that May does lots of different activities, Scent Work, Rally, Mantrailing….the list goes on, but she also loves Hoopers.
She had six runs altogether and these were her achievements:

-Starters Touch n Go  – clear round and took 2nd place
-Starters Hoopers – clear round
-Barrellers National Dog of the Year Qualifier – clear round
-Starters Tunnellers – 5 faults
-And 2 eliminations in Starters barrellers and another Touch n Go

Shirley was pleased with how they did and said May really enjoyed it and was so happy. The sun shining & it was a glorious day, but Shirley did say it was a bit hot so she kept May wet to keep her cool. We think May was just wanting to show off her curls….
Well done May & Shirley what a great day!


Birmingham National Championship Show, 7 May 2023
Elaine Robinson’s critique is now available here on the Show Results page.

Yorkshire Gundog Club, 26 February 2023
Judge: James Newton

1 Spraggins’, Tusepo Amazing Love. A really good quality liver bitch of excellent type and proportions. She possesses that typical degree of elegance while retaining her strength in bone. Very pretty wedge shaped head with width through her skull and good shape ofeye. Well laid shoulders with good return of upper arm. Decent forechest with big ribs and strong topline. Moderately angled in the rear with wide quarters. True going/coming
with an easy side gait carrying her head and tail with style. Wrapped up in a crisp, curled coat and presented in hard condition. BOB, congratulations!

Whitehaven & District Canine Association Open Show, 19 March 2023
Judge: Tony Allcock OBE
AVNSC Gundog
2. Inman’s Foxriever Silver Wing Among Keamarola Retriever (Curly Coated). Young bitch. Lovely size for age having a well-balanced typey head, containing a kind eye which is dark in colour. Good depth to chest well sprung ribs, moderate bend of stifle. With maturity she should strengthen and settle in rear movement.

Gundog Club of North Wales Premiership Show, 26 March 2023
Judge: Michael Masters

Best Puppy In Show
Stephens’ RAVENHO UP TOWN GIRL FOR BRIGHTMEADOW (Curly Coated Retriever) Impressive youngster that filled my eye for her beautiful overall breed type, elegance and balance. Spot on for her age, typical wedged shape head and soft expression, crisp in outline, seamless construction and faultless movement. I will watch her progress with interest.

Pontypridd & District Canine Society, 1 May 2023
Judge: Tony Allcock OBE

Puppy Bitch 13,8
1. Stephens’s Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow. Retriever (Curly Coated) Bitch. My notes record ‘OMG’. I thought her something quite special. Feminine head giving such a beautiful expression. Body posses a super ribcage. I admired her overall proportions but just loved the way in which she moved. It was with freedom and determination and so accurate too. One to watch!

Pollard Canine Society, 14 May 2023
Judge: Denyse Whitehead (Foxriever)

I would like to thank the exhibiters for their entries and willingness to take my placements with good attitude. The atmosphere was lovely and made an enjoyable day for me. I would also like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this friendly well-run club. Many thanks also to those who worked tirelessly to make everything run smoothly and to time. Lastly thank you to my steward who was very efficient and kept me on the straight and narrow.

Puppy 2 (1)
1. Green and Green’s Ravenho Comradai Cymro – Smashing 11-month-old black dog, presenting an eye-catching outline, with balance fore and aft. Good head of correct proportions, correct ear placement and nice dark eye colour and an abundant and nicely curled coat. Good length of neck into a strong back with level top-line. Moved out well and in symmetry with his handler. In the challenge pipped his more mature competitors due to his very attractive balanced outline and overall breed type. One to watch as he develops! Best Puppy/Reserve Best of Breed

Junior 2 (1)
1. Winner of Puppy
Post Graduate 2 (1)
1. Killick and Killick’s Overbore Double or Stick – Two-year-old black dog who I have watched from the ringside on many occasions. I really liked him for size and temperament. He has a classic head-piece and beautiful expression. He is balanced both fore and aft however he has a typical youth type of developing body and is at an in-between stage which is affecting his overall outline. Although he showed well today and moved ok, it was his stage of development that for me lost him his place in the challenge. He needs more strength throughout and more time to develop in himself for best effect. I strongly urge the owner handler to bide her time with him as he has lots of great qualities and will be worth the wait.

Open 3 (1)
1. Mercer and Thomas’ Tyneside My Heart Will Go On to Stormacre (IMP USA) – Absolutely lovely 4-year-old girl who grabbed my attention immediately. Lots to like about this girl. She has beautifully feminine head of the correct shape and proportion with well set ears and correct shape and colour of eye, with a lovely soft expression. Her strong neck leads to excellent shoulders, a muscular body, and level top line with well-set flowing tail. Muscular well-balanced hindquarters complete the picture. To be picky I would have liked more angulation both fore and aft but this did not detract from her movement as she swept powerfully around the ring. Very pleased to award her Best of Breed.
2. Baines and Hawley-Clarke Karnawalowy Drink z Basisfory (IMP POL) – Another lovely boy I have watched from the ringside on many occasions. He is a 5-year-old liver boy, now fully mature and up to size. He is a very imposing dog with a very strong masculine head which for me is slightly overdone. He has a super strong muscular body. Overall, he is nicely balanced with a great coat of dark liver curls, and nice outline when stood. He moved out around the ring with power and strength but today could not match his competitor for elegance.