Good Citizen

The following dogs have been passed the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme tests.


Aspenwood Asperation At Kelsmere

Badgersmoon Hope

Brightmeadow Jive Bunny

Capercaillie Katie Pontevado

Swe Ch Cornerstones Take A Chance On Me At Kelsmere

Crimblescurl So Salsa

Curlatemple Adora Calypso Con Redanimo

Curlabull Detroit Lion

Sh Ch Curlabull King Arthur JW Sh CM

Curlabull Mister Darcy

Curlabull Northern Dancer

Curlabull Speak The Truth Sh CM

Curlabull True Grit For Regaltails

Curlydeva Azzurro At Tarockwood

Elgar’s Enigma Tornado Beta Con Redanimo

Elkysar Quaritch

Firecurl Bobbie Wickham

Firecurl Georgie Porgie

Firecurl Pop Goes The Weasel

Firecurl Rub A Dub Dub

Firecurl Some Like It Hot At Tarockwood

Firecurl Stinker Pinker At Tarockwood

Fleetpaw First Lady

Fleetpaw One For Arthur At HisRiver

Gamesmere Amber Sunrise At Peteorde

Gamesmere Dancing Queen At Firecurl

Gamesmere Royal Escort

Gladrags Margarita

Haneslau Follow That Star

Haneslau The Brave Dare

Hunters Pride Juraska Gwiazda At Tarockwood (IMP POL)

Sh Ch Infallibles Black Velvet At Kandrelli

Kelsmere Kassanova AW (B)

Sh Ch Kelsmere Kopyright

Kelsmere Kumera Fs St Ex Htm St P-Beg Ex

Lahabra May Be Me For Regaltails

Malanis Keepsake

Ir Sh Ch Malanis Rocket

Maycourt Black Ice

Maycourt Kashmir Con Redanimo

Maycourt Space Oddity

Mincurl Atlas

Pepperiever Fennel Of Firecurl

Pippen Of Heatherdown

Pondsford Tiny Dancer

RavenhoToulouse Latresco At Beddgelert

Rossiemoor Clio Of Farlock

Roughyeds Neptune

Rowancurl Beachcomber

Springcurl Bling Of Brandonburg

Springcurl Keepthefaith

Springcurl La Fenice

Springcurl Open Mind

Springcurl Turandot

Springcurl Speak My Mind

Springcurl Spin Doctor For Foxriever

Tengore Glory Of The West

Tessmene Icing On The Cake By Kagemusha

Tessmene Top Notch By Kagemusha

Tessmene Vintage Rose

Valtoocurl Gunstone

Wintervale Typhoon



Badgersmoon Nightime At Belmarke

Brightmeadow Take Your Time At Densdale

Cimramin Capricious For Springcurl

Cimramin Cinnamon For Springcurl

Crimblescurl Take A Chance

Curlabull The Angel’s Share JW Sh CM

Curlabull True Reformer At Curlyman

Curlabull Truly Scrumtious

Curlies On Wings Crossroad Glory

Curlydeva Verde

Cwmgilli Boris At Curlyman

Darelyn Knysna Karolkade

Elerrina Brailian Darkness

Elerrina Caramel Velvet

Elkysar Rubano

Farlock Carron

Firecurl Bertie Wooster Via Blanshard

Foxriever Midsummer Magic At Thunderguard

Fudge (Rescue)

Gladrags A Secret Diamond Of Fleetpaw

Gladrags Hello Vera

Ch Gladrags Keepmeinmind

Gladrags Universal Soldier

Gladrags Wondering Star

Kandrelli Black Scoter

Sh Ch Kelsmere Katrina At Kireton

Kelsmere Konqueror

Kelsmere Kunara

Lahabra May Be Me For Regaltails

Overbore Silver Salute

Sh Ch Pepperiever Nutmeg At Kireton JW

Ringlets Vinterbris

Roughyeds Neptune

Sh Ch Saxonholme Lorelei

Saxonholme Myrtle At Tengore

Springcurl Gold Sovreign

Springcurl Man Of The World At Curlyman

Ch Swe Ch Springcurl Peace of Mind JW

Springcurl Ulysses

Tengore Bluebell

Tessmene Tea For Two At Beauport