Curly Comms

Week Ending: 31/03/2024

Happy Easter
The CCRC would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter.

Finland 2025
Some exciting news this week, our very own Roz Davies has been invited to judge Curlies in Finland in 2025, the show will take place on 24 May 2025, and the venue is to be confirmed. Congratulations Roz what a fantastic opportunity.

Club News

Gundog Training Days
West Midlands Training Hub.
Saturday 6th April 10.00am Puppy 11.00 am Novice.

Sunday 19th May 10.00am Puppy 11.00am Novice.
PM training for Minor Breeds Working Test with Sue Margerison.
Both days at Sunnymead Kennel and Cattery, Walcot, Telford. TF6 5EQ by kind permission of Su Carlin for which we are very grateful.
If you are interested please book with Lesley Eden on FB Messenger.

Kennel Club Lunch, 20 June 2024
Don’t forget we have a wonderful opportunity for club members –  we have a wonderful breed lunch coming up in June with a Curly centric tour of the library and gallery, tea, coffee, and lunch at The Royal Kennel Club in Clarges Street, London.
Don’t forget to book those last minute places….

Open Show Results

Edwinstowe & District Canine Society Premier Show, 29 March 2024
Judge: Jenny Millard (Rubylea)
Puppy (1)
1 Mr & Mrs ST & ED Clack & Mr E Eddery, Epsilon Adhara At Molokain, BP & shortlisted in Puppy Group
Junior (0)
Post Graduate (1)
1 Mr & Mrs ST & ED Clack, Molokain Hocus Pocus
Open (4, 1 abs)
1 Mr ST & Mrs ED Clack, Bazzy Inti Anka At Molokain (IMP CZE), BOB
2 Mrs S Brookes, Infallibles Black Crusader At Kelsmere (IMP NOR)
3 Miss J Stubbs, Brightmeadow Take Your Time At Densdale

East Anglian Gundog Society, 29 March 2024
Judge: Denyse Whitehead (Foxriever)
Puppy (2)
1 Miss C Mercer & Miss LA Thomas, Kahawei Catch The Stars Over Stormacre, RBOB
2 Miss C Mercer & Miss LA Thomas, Milky Way Soul Isreal For Stormacre (IMP EST)
Junior (2)
1 Miss T James, Kahawei Sea The Stars, BOB winning £5.00 & BP winning £5.00
2 Miss C Mercer & Miss LA Thomas, Milky Way Soul Isreal For Stormacre (IMP EST)
Post Graduate (3, 1 abs)
1 Miss T James, Kahawei Sea The Stars
2 Mrs E Sutton, Hopeall And AAT’s Bud Spencer (IMP GER) DEU JCH
Open (2, 1 abs)
1 Mrs E Sutton, Kelsmere Kaddington

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Open Show, 30 March 2024
Judge: Brian Marshall
1 Mrs J Cummings, Molokain Enchanted One, BOB
2 Miss G Duff, Overbore League Of Their Own
3 Mr L & Mr M Bain, Crimblescurl Time To Tango At Wenichones JW

Gundog Club of North Wales, 31 March 2024
Judge: Jim Richardson (Darrochonna)
Post Graduate
1 Mr J & Mrs MB Stephens, Ravenho Looks Like Trouble For Brightmeadow
1 Mr J & Mrs MB Stephens, Sh Ch Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow JW, BOB & BEST IN SHOW winning the Theomar Cup

South of England Gundog Club, 31 March 2024
Judge: Roxanne McDonald (Roanjora)
1 Miss G Boorman & Mr A Brown, Kahawei Star Catcher, BOB & BP
Special Yearling
1 Mrs M Kerry, Overbore Sky Flyer
1 Mrs M Kerry, Overbore Sky Flyer, RBOB


Thame Country Fair, 31 March & 1 April 2024
Curlies were represented at the Thame Country Fair, a Living Heritage show, over the Bank Holiday weekend. The team did a great job, meeting the public and taking part in the training demonstrations with Judy Hempstead and The Working Minority Retriever Club.

Ethan-James Emery and Murdoch – Foxriever Midsummer Magic At Thunderguard, were there on Sunday. EJ told us that everyone on the stands were so welcoming and helpful, and it was so much fun to chat people’s ears off about Curlies. He was super proud of Murdoch, they had both taken a big step up as a last minute stand-in to represent Curlies at this lovely show. EJ said that Murdoch had done so well, he couldn’t have asked for more, and they had both learnt so much. They were very much looking forward to more training and fun in the future.

Rachel Arnold, James Dobson and Kopis – Roughyeds Regal George At Treecave, were there Monday, and were kind enough to send us this lovely report….
This weekend saw the start of the Living Heritage country show season and the curlies were represented by Ethan-James and Murdoch on Sunday, Rachel, James and Kopis on Monday.
We arrived on Monday and set the stand up with the bunting and photos, the leaflets were left out in the folder as the threat of rain was ever present. We spoke with the chessie owners who we were next to and everyone in the minority breeds section spoke very highly of Ethan-James and Murdoch. They had set a very high bar for us to follow. The show opened and Kopis was his usual friendly self, who was it who said curlies were aloof? He was very gentle with all the visitors large and small. A lot of interest in him and his lovely curls.
We were called into the ring to do the minority breeds parade. Kopis, the youngest in the parade, held his own and behaved really well. Rachel told the audience about the history of the breed and a bit about their temperament and the workability of them. Kopis, looked his happy, friendly self and made a few people smile. Straight after the parade was a display of gundog prowess. Rachel and Kopis stayed in as we have been working on his gundog training (I want him working next season, time to earn your keep my lad!). We were in the ring with a chessie, toller, clumber spaniel and a couple of irish water spaniels. Kopis was given a retrieve inside a hay bales box. In he popped, grabbed the dummy (after thoroughly inspecting it) then decided to have a look around before stepping back out. The idea of bringing the retrieve back to me never crossed his mind to start with. At 10 months old though, he did really well for his first time doing a gundog demo.
We went back to the pen and a local family made a beeline. They are in touch with Lesley and know the website inside out. We spoke with them for nearly an hour, whilst Kopis gave the best curly cuddles and nuzzles, completely winning them over. It was really good to talk to them and answer all of their very honest and well thought out questions. As locals, once they have their curly I can see curly play dates in the future!
We moved over to the main arena where we did another parade before we decided to see how Kopis would do by the scurry. He was entranced by the sounds of the whistle and the shot. Well, that’s it, we had to try him on the bales! His first go was not that great but his second was fantastic! Really shows what this brilliant breed is capable of. We decided not to try him on the main scurry as he was getting tired after playing for the audience all morning. So, back to the pen for a much needed rest and some treats. He had a short recharge and was soon back wowing the crowd again.
Very soon it was time to pack away. With new friends made in the minority working retriever club and a potential new shoot, we loaded up the car and made our way home. He is now fast asleep, snoring away at my feet as I type. One very happy puppy showing off what the breed can do.
Rachel Arnold, James Dobson and Kopis


Newton Abbott & South Devon Canine Society, 27 January 2024
Judge: Freda Morriss Garget
Graduate 3(2)
1st. Perkins, Maycourt Miss Sweetness at Tengore.
Lovely wedge shaped head withdark eyes, straight front and shoulders well laid back, level topline and good Tuckup, good bend of stifle and well muscled, just preferred the overall balance and tidiness of movement of my BOB when it came to challenge. RES BOB.
Open 3(0)
1st. Stephens, Ravenho looks like trouble for Brightmeadow.
Upstanding boy with the moray lovely head and expression, super front and strong muscular shoulders, deep chested with a well extended ribcage. Lovely topline and a good Tuckup.
He had a good stifle that was not overdone and moved out soundly with a good forereach and drive. BOB.
2nd. Edworthy, Maycourt Heartbreaker.
Lovely head and expression and nice front and shoulders, good sound body proportions so Similar comments apply, he was a little weaker behind so I preferred the rear movement of my First.
3rd. Perkins, Tengore Ruby Tuesday.

The Yorkshire Gundog Club, 25 February 2024
Judge: Wendy Tarelli (Tarockwood)
Thanks so much to Mrs Pat Colton and The Yorkshire Gundog Club Committee for inviting me to judge Curly Coated Retrievers, and thanks again to Pat who was also my fabulous steward. This was such a well organised and friendly show. Thanks to everyone who entered.
Junior (3)
A lovely class of quality youngsters.
1 Stead’s Firecurl Firefly, Black bitch, 7.5 months old. Unbelievably, it was this young lady’s first show, and yet she conducted herself with a degree of maturity that was most appealing. Lovely feminine head, correct wedge shape, with slight stop and in proportion to her body size. I loved her feminine expression and lovely dark eyes. Correct bite and good dentition. Neat ears. Lovely length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Good forechest for age. Good depth of chest for age, body and muscle developing nicely. A lovely level topline and tail set. Nice angulation front and rear and so well balanced. Lovely neat feet. She had an excellent coat of tight black curls. She moved out well, with such elegance and confidence for one so young, showed good extension and drive, and held that lovely topline. RBOB & BP
2 Clinch’s Roughyeds Regal Fairbanks At Schwarzmoose, Black bitch, 9 months old. Another lovely young lady. Lovely wedge shaped head, feminine expression and dark eye. Correct bite and good dentition. Neat ears. Good length of neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Good bone throughout, nice angulation front and rear, nicely muscled for her age. Nice forechest and good depth of chest. Lovely topline and tail set. Neat feet. Excellent coat of tight black curls. She moved out well with drive, maintaining that top line.
3 Clayton’s Firecurl Ace
Open (5 entries, 2 absent)
1 Dooley’s Rowancurl Pullman Porter, Black dog, 2 years old. A quality dog, upstanding, with a lovely outline and of excellent breed type. Beautiful head and lovely expression, with a lovely dark eye. Correct bite and good dentition. Neat ears. Good strong neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Good forechest, lovely deep chest with well sprung ribs, and a strong loin. Good angulation front and rear. Good feet. A lovely topline, which he held on the move, he moved out well with good extension and drive – well handled. Excellent coat of tight black curls. BOB
2 Clinch’s Roughyeds Hilda Ogden At Schwarzmoose, Liver bitch, 4 years old. A smaller bitch. Feminine head and expression. Correct bite and good dentition. Nice length of neck into well placed shoulders. Would prefer a little more forechest. Well sprung ribs, well-muscled throughout and nice rear angulation. A good topline and nice tail set. Neat feet. Moved well. Dark liver coat with tight curls.
3 Emery’s Foxriever Midsummer Magic At Thunderguard

Waverley Gundog Association, 2 March 2024
Judge: Jane Smith (Luanshya)
Open (3, 1a)
1 Bain – Crimblescurl Time To Tango at Wenichones JW
3 year bitch. Loved her feminine head and expression with dark eye. Good reach of neck and excellent front. Ample bone and stood on round tight feet. Well sprung ribs, with deep chest and brisket. She had a strong level topline and well angulated rear quarters. She was very sound and happy on the move and presented in A1 condition. BOB
2 Cummings – Molokain Enchanted One
Almost 5 years bitch. Dark eye, kind expression, strong and powerful with deep chest and well off for bone. Well muscled quarters. Moved soundly and presented in hard condition. Not as feminine in type as 1 for me.

Isle of Wight Gundog Club, 16 March 2024
Judge: Gill Smitherman (Seaheart)
Special Yearling 1 (0)
1, Miller & Millchamp Foxriever Solent Solstice at Wightcurls . Strong well grown young male. He has a lovely wedge shaped head with good length of muzzle and dark oval eye with soft expression. His neck is strong and of good length flowing freely into well laid shoulders and good length and return of upper arm, strong bone and good feet. He is well ribbed up with short deep loin and level topline. Needs to strengthen in hind quarters. Lovely coat of tight crisp curls. A little unsure of himself when standing and on the move but moved well when settled. RBOB
Open 1 (0)
1, Miller & Millchamp Foxriever Solent Sensation at Wightcurls. Strong elegant male with clean balanced outline and masculine all through. His head is a well moulded wedge with slight stop and dark almond eye and neat well set ears. Good reach of neck and well laid shoulder. Super depth of ribcage and well pronounced forechest. He is strong through his loin with correct strong well angulated hind quarters. Loved his happy and outgoing disposition. Moved well. BOB.