Curly Comms

Week Ending: 03/12/2023

Judges a polite reminder….. Any judge who has not submitted an up to date CV please could they do so… Please email Caron Chattwood at

Club News

Curly Christmas Quiz, 21 December 2023
7pm on Zoom

The Committee is absolutely delighted to invite everyone to join us for an evening of Christmas fun!
To register your interest please drop the CCRC Facebook Page a direct message!
We hope you can join us.

CCRC Yearbook 2023
We hope you’re thinking about those articles and adverts for the 2023 Yearbook…. It would be great to have a record of your activities and achievements in the official Curly Coated Retriever Club of Great Britain 2023 Yearbook.
Articles can be submitted free of charge and it’s great if you can include some photographs – don’t worry about formatting any documents, if it’s easier you can email the text and photographs separately, we’ll pull it all together.
The prices for an Advert remain the same as last year, that’s £25 for a single page, and £40 for a double page. The specifications are – portrait page size is 15.4cm wide by 21.6cm high. Page margins need to be set at 0.8cm on all sides. You can fill the page with colour but any artwork, text and photos need to be within the margins. Please email the advert in jpeg format.
If you have any problems with any of the above, have any queries, or need help to create your advert please email both of the Yearbook Co-ordinators, Wendy Tarelli & Jo Clayton at: &

The deadline for submission is 15 December 2023.

Open Show Results

Exonian Canine Association, 2 December 2023
Judge: Wendy Bebb-Sutton (Cochen)
1 Mrs M Edworthy, Maycourt Heartbreaker, BOB
2 Ms D Courtier, Maycourt Take Me To The Top, RBOB & BP
3 Ms D Courtier, Maycourt Cover Shot

A.V. Gundog
Judge: Wendy Bebb-Sutton (Cochen)
Puppy (29)
2 Ms D Courtier, Maycourt Cover Shot
5 Mr B & Mrs S Perkins, Maycourt Miss Sweetness At Tengore

AV Puppy Stakes
Judge: Pat Pask (Baronglen)
Puppy (50)
7 Mr B & Mrs S Perkins, Maycourt Miss Sweetness At Tengore

Land O’Burns Canine Club, 3 December 2023
Judge: Mrs S Margerison (Kandrelli)
AVNSC Gundog
2 Mrs J Cummings, Molokain Enchanted One

Coventry & District Gundog Society, 3 December 2023
Judge: Cameron Stokes (Twizeltree)
1 Miss T James, Kahawei Sea the Stars, RBOB & BP
2 Miss C Mercer and Miss LA Thomas, Kahawei Catch The Stars Over Stormacre

1 Mrs E Sutton, Mrs D Whitehead and Mr A Whitehead, Foxriever Grey Ghost

Post Graduate
1 Mr ST & Mrs ED Clack, Molokain Hocus Pocus
2 Mrs E Sutton, Mrs D Whitehead and Mr A Whitehead, Foxriever Grey Ghost

1 Mr ST & Mrs ED Clack, Bazzy Inti Anka At Molokain, BOB
2 Mrs E Sutton, Hopeall And AAT’s Bud Spencer (IMP GER) DEU JUN CH

Burton-on-Trent Kennel Association, 3 December 2023
Judge: Frank Gilroy
Puppy (10)
Res Miss VE Clinch, Roughyeds Regal Fairbanks

Post Graduate (8)
3 Miss VE Clinch, Roughyeds Hilda Ogden


Show Curly

Newmarket Canine Ring Craft Match Night, 29 November 2023
Tom & Elaine Clack and Edward Eddery had agreat evening and were thankful to Judge Tom Rigby for thinking so highly of their puppy, Epsilon Adhara at Molokain was awarded first in Baby Puppy and then Best Puppy.
What a great start for this little one…

The Working Curly

Gundog Training, 3 December 2023
Karen Lockwood and her puppy Gunner (Roughyeds Regal Drive) along with a friend with a German Longhaired Pointer did a bit of retrieve training on Sunday morning. Karen told us
He is still only a baby so nothing too taxing for him. Was pleased to see he picked up the dummy centrally, and was happy to go over albeit a small ditch and through some of the prickly grass. Quite a difference in the speed between the 2 of them and Gunner’s enthusiasm didn’t last as long as Heidi’s but pleased with what we got. After Setters & Spaniels a new way of training for me, we are learning together
Well done Gunner!


Royal Cheshire County Show, 21 June 2023
Judge: David Todd
Puppy (1)
1 Foxriever Silver Wing Among Keamarola – Pleasing liver bitch of 9 months. Sweet head at the right stage for her age and development. A bit restricted in front but with a fair lay of shoulders. Strong topline and good hind angulation, Coat developing well, liked her tail set and she is a happy mover.

Junior (6)
1 Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow – Just into Junior and developing so well. Scores in head and expression, with lovely body proportions and well angulated all through. Coat showing promise and liked her a lot. At her best on the move with such sound reachy movement, Very nice, BOB.
2 Ravenho Mochara Cadeaux – Close up to her sister and again a lovely head and expression. Coat a plus and again scores in front and hind angulation with a good tail, moving well, just prefered the sisters body proportions on the day but spliting hairs. Res BOB
3 Ravenho Comradai Cymro

Post Graduate (3,2)
1 Brightmeadow Moondance – Pleasing 4 years Liver bitch with good angulations and a pleasing head and kind expression. Liked her coat and in good nick. Moved out well and has a nice flow, sound but lacked enthusiasm.

Open (1)
1 Blue Willow at Ravenho – Mature well made bitch. Strong but well proportioned head with a kind expression. Scores in front and rear angles. Notes say in good body, (maybe a little too good) which maybe influenced her movement which was a little reluctant but moved soundly. (Mum of Juniors I see)