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Week Ending: 15/10/2023
Club News

Curly Coated Retriever Club Fun Training Day, 15 October 2023
What a brilliant day at the Fun Training Day arranged by Jo Clayton, and held at CAST Dog Training, in North Yorkshire, with our fabulous trainer Caroline Penistone.
The day started of course with bacon, sausage, and egg butties, expertly cooked by Richard Tarelli & Brett Clayton, with tea & coffee.
The first session was Rally, we started by learning some of the tasks before putting it all together in a Rally Course. Everyone had fun and achieved such a lot. You’ve not seen anything until you’ve seen Shirley Buchanan’s May – Fleetpaw First Lady, ‘pivot’ for her turns left and right, and her 360’s on the spot…. just so clever.
There were three, almost 15 week old, Firecurl puppies there, Sorrel, Arthur, and Basil, and they were up next… Learning all about their back end and their co-ordination. Stepping over things, stepping on to small obstacles, standing on the wobble board, and have enormous fun searching for treats in the ball pit.
Next it was the now traditional Curly Event Picnic – Aly Clayton, you were there in spirit! Corned beef pie, a selection of quiches, a fabulous cheese board and charcuterie platter, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, chicken drumsticks and mustard, and some fabulous tomatoes, all followed by Jo Clayton’s famous chocolate cake!
After lunch it was the big dogs turn to do some brain games… touch, learning to ‘read’, and learning to pivot – don’t think you need to worry about any competition May….
And so to round off with some Agility…. resulting in handlers and dogs being shattered after a full day.
Finally, there was a fun prize giving at the end of the day, treats for the dogs, for the most improved:
Rally – Shirley & May – Fleetpaw First Lady
Puppy Co-ordination – Nikki & Arthur – Firecurl Excaliber
Agility – Richard & Deco – Hunters Pride Jurajska Gwiazda At Tarockwood
What a brilliant day!

Don’t forget it’s the last week to enter the….
CCRC Winter Open Show & Obedience
, 5 November 2023
Entries are open for one more week for the CCRC Winter Open Show and Obedience being held at Tomlinson’s Canine Centre, Markfield, Leicester.
Open Show Judge – Breed Specialist Jerry Stephens (Brightmeadow)
Obedience Judge – Linda Wild
Entries close at Midnight on Sunday 22 October 2023 – remember there will be no extentions for this show.

CCRC Calendar Competition
It’s time for you to vote for the final 12 photos. We had over 80 fabulous photos and it’s been a tough job to shortlist the top 24.
To cast your vote simply go to the CCRC Facebook Page and ‘like’ your favourite photos. The 12 photos with the most ‘likes’ will be in the calender.
We know that not everyone has access to Facebook, so if there are members that would like to vote by email please contact the club and we can help you.
A big Thank You to everyone who contributed, it wouldn’t be possible without you!
Voting closes at midnight, 21st October 2023.

Champ Shows

Gundog Society Of Wales, 11 October 2023
Judge: Mrs Denyse Whitehead (Foxriever)
On Wednesday 10 dogs, making 14 entries, for Breed Specialist Judge, Denyse Whitehead, made the journey to the Three Counties Showground, at Malvern.

The main winners were:

Best of Breed: Mrs E Sutton, Kelsmere Kaddington
Best Dog: Mrs E Sutton, Kelsmere Kaddington
Reserve Best Dog: Mrs S D Mistlin, Maycourt Starman By Crookwood ShCM
Best Bitch: Mrs S & Mr H Parker-Miles, Overbore’s Ace Of Hearts
Reserve Best Bitch: Mr B J & Mrs S M Perkins, Tengore Ruby Tuesday
Best Puppy: Mrs H Driscoll, Overbore Bombette For HisRiver
Best Veteran: Mrs S D Mistlin, Maycourt Starman By Crookwood ShCM
Best Special Beginners: Mrs E Sutton, Hopeall And Aat’s Bud Spencer (Imp Ger) Deu Jun Ch

The full results can be found here on the Show Results page.

Also to Note at Gundog Society Of Wales:
Adult Handling Class
Judge: Miss Rebecca Blair
Class 480. 17 years & over
Entries: 9 Absentees: 0
1st Sarah Finch, with Duke – Molokain Doing The Do At Cetgueli JW

Margaret Thomas Memorial Veteran Stakes
Judge: Mr Martin Sanders
Class 483. A.V. Veteran
Entries: 13 Absentees: 6
2nd 1310 – Jassendue Manet’s Medley Am Cetgueli, Breed: Brittany (Ms S Finch)

South Wales Kennel Association, 14 October 2023
Judge: Mrs Anita Shears (Stormlyne)
On Saturday 12 dogs, making 22 entries, for Breed Specialist Mrs Anita Shears, made the journey to Builth Wells.

The main winners were:

Best of Breed: Ms S Finch, Molokain Doing The Do At Cetgueli
Best Dog: Ms S Finch, Molokain Doing The Do At Cetgueli
Best Bitch: Mr G & Mrs J Evans, Kukkasen Keita By Caballus
Reserve Best Bitch: Mr J & Mrs M B Stephens, Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow JW
Best Puppy: Mr B J & Mrs S M Perkins, Maycourt Miss Sweetness At Tengore

The full results can be found here on the Show Results page.

Also to Note at South Wales:
The Overhill Junior Stakes
Judge: Gavin Robertson
Class 1639. A.V. Junior Stakes (Gundog)
Entries: 29 Absentees: 1
1st 3458 – Molokain Doing The Do At Cetgueli, Breed: Retriever (Curly Coated) (Ms S Finch)

Fosse Data Systems Yearling Stakes
Judge: Gavin Robertson
Class 1640. A.V. Yearling Stakes (Gundog)
Entries: 29 Absentees: 17
2nd 3458 – Molokain Doing The Do at Cetgueli, Breed: Retriever (Curly Coated) (Ms S Finch)


Muddy Dog Challenge, 14 October 2023

On Saturday Shirley Buchanan & Glory – Curlies On Wings Crossroad Glory, took part in the Muddy Dog Challenge in aid of Battersea. Shirley told us they had fun and Glory loved it and got a lot of attention and fuss on the way round as everyone kept commenting that they had only seen one Curly on the course. Glory only refused to do one of the obstacle, but a lot of the other dogs also refused it….! Loud generator noise had been the problem. Shirley was very proud of Glory. Well done both of you!


Scottish & Northern Curly Owners Meet Up, 15 October 2023
Leslie Bain sent us this report –

Today, 15th October was the first ever official CCRC meet on Falkand Estate for Curly owners in Scotland and North of England. Sadly the turnout wasn’t as good as it could have been however let’s build on it and show the public what Curlies are. The weather was fabulous and we enjoyed walking up through the woodland to Tyndal Bruce Monument giving super views over the North Fife and Perthshire countryside.
We then headed down past the Witches Bus Stop before heading back to our starting point at the Stables Cafe.
Thank you to Vicki Hayes our CCRC Secretary for making the 4 hr trip to support us. Blue and Anise seemed to enjoy themselves.
We will organise more meets in the coming months around the country to give everyone the opportunity to attend something local. Suggestions for venues would be great.’


Three Counties, 11 June 2023
Breed Specialist Judge, Su Carlin’s critique is now available here on the Show Results page.

Leeds Championship Show, 28 July 2023
Judge, Anthony Allen’s critique is now available here on the Show Results page.

Driffield Championship Show, 28 August 2023
Kennel Club Breeders’ Competition (Day 4)
Judge: Tom Graham
1st Moskowitz – Ret Curly Coated, 4 similar exhibits of good size, full of breed type, in good coats, lovely bone & ample substance, moved out well together.

Wealdstone & Northolt Canine Society, 24 June 2023
Judge: Mrs H. Male (Malenbrook)
Puppy (2,0a)
1st Carrick’s Tessmene Tickety Boo – 10 months old black bitch who appealed for breed type, feminine wedge shaped head, dark eye, medium length neck into correct shoulder placement with corresponding return of upper arm, straight forelegs leading to tight feet, deep chested, well sprung ribs, slight tuck up, moderate bend of stifle, moved well but just lacked the drive, but it was hot and in the challenge she moved much better. RBOB & BP
2nd Richards & Flaher’s Tessmene Icing On The Cake By Kakemusha – Litter sister to my winner, this liver bitch similar remarks apply, but I preferred the head on my winner, moved soundly.

Post Graduate (1,0abs)
1st Janks’ Tessmene Tempest Sky At Beauport – Liver dog with a masculine head, straight forelegs leading to round feet, deep chested, well sprung ribs, moderate bend of stifle, not in best of coats and just carrying a tadge too much weight at the moment, on the move he would not stop pacing.

Open (3, 1a)
1st. Carrick’s Tessmene The Cats Whiskers – The black bitch appealed for breed type and balance, feminine wedged shaped head, dark eye, correct ear set, clean neck which flowed into well placed shoulders, straight forelegs leading to tight feet, deep chested, ribs well sprung, level topline, well muscled rear end which she used on the move, moved effortless around the ring. BOB
2nd Janks’ Tessmene Tea For Two At Beauport – Litter sister to my winner, finer although but balanced, feminine head, dark eye, straight forelegs, well sprung ribs, short loin, moderate rear end, moved soundly.

Oswestry & District Kennel Association, 16 July 2023
Judge: Mrs Wendy Manning (Overmarsh)
2nd Hutchins Foxtriever Moon Dancer
11 month old liver Curly Coated Retriever bitch. Good shape and balance to head, good eye colour to harmonise with coat. Good body proportions, decent angulation to front with moderate bend of stifle on rear, which I preferred to litter sister who was third.
3rd Inman Foxriever Silver Wing Amoung Keamarola C.C.R.

Exeter & County Canine Society, 16 September 2023
Judge: Janis Ward
Post Graduate (2,1a)
1st Riva’s Tessmene Rock That Look (D) RBOB
Exuberant lad with a non-stop wagging tail. Perfect leg to body ratio. In fantastic condition and amazing coat, moved out with ease.

Open (1)
1st Edworthy’s Maycourt Heartbreaker (D) BOB
Impressive, masculine, friendly boy, also with correct balance, correct coat and excellent, classic, balanced head. Great body proportions. Powerful movement.

Stoke On Trent & District Gundog Club, 24 September 2023
Judge: Ian Sladden
Firstly thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge. A very well organised show and my two fabulous stewards kept everything moving swiftly. A lovely atmosphere and lots of applause ringside, which was lovely to hear.
Junior (2/2)
1st McKenzie’s Ravenho Toulouse Latresco At Beddgelert (15m B) BOB
A little nervous to start with but settled eventually. These 2 litter sisters and very similar in all aspects. Appearance of strength and elegance here although still only 15 months old, good wedge shaped head, ears set correctly, really strong medium length neck with a slight arch, Shoulders well laid back, Chest deep and ribs extended well back, adequate turn of stifle, would like a bit more muscle in the hindquarters but this will come with age. Once settled a lovely mover with nice drive.
2nd Gill & Peake’s Ravenho Midnight Miracle At Saxonholme (15m B) RBOB
I was really splitting hairs here. Again elegant but a strong looking bitch, with lovely wedge shaped head, Neck medium length and well muscled. Level topline, I would really like a bit more muscle in the hindquarters. Didn’t move as well as 1 today.

Mid-Western Gundog Society, 1 October 2023
Judge: Jennifer Millard (Rubylea)
Yearling 1(0)
1. Huckle’s Foxriever Storm Cloud. Attentive alert male who stood covering the ground freestanding, his outline was classic with a lovely coat comprised of tight ringlets of curls, his head and expression were appealing and were correct, he went around with a long freely stride. BOB.