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Week Ending: 14/05/2023

Well, in the week that The Royal Kennel Club has announced major changes to the requirements for a Show Champion, there’s been lots of discussion on the ‘socials’….

From the 1 July 2023, in order to gain the title of Show Champion, dogs will either need to be:

  • Awarded three CCs under three different judges, one of which when the dog is over 12 months old, or
  • Awarded two CCs, with one being awarded when the dog is over 12 months of age, in addition to five RCCs awarded from  1 July 2023, with the awards coming from seven different judges


Some people have suggested this is a good move and agree with the changes, others disagree and think it ‘cheapens’ the status of Champion or Show Champion. Some feel that historic RCCs should count, others agree with an effective date. Some think five RCCs is the right amount, others think three RCCs would be fairer. Meanwhile, others remain undecided about it all.

It’s clear discussions will continue……


Club News

The Royal Kennel Club Breed Registration Statistics are available for Curlies…..
Quarterley Breed Stats:
Qtr 1 – 30
Qtr 2 – 2
Qtr 3 – 20
Qtr 4 – 10     Total 62
Qtr 1 – 6
Qtr 2 – 3
Qtr 3 – 50
Qtr 4 – 14     Total 73

10 Year Breed Stats:
2013 – 118                2018 – 70
2014 – 77                  2019 – 68
2015 – 66                  2020 – 55
2016 – 83                  2021 – 62
2017 – 53                  2022 – 73


Champ Shows

Crufts 2024
Notice of a change of judge for the Curlies at Crufts 2024, it will now be Mr CB Bexon.

Open Show Results

Ashford, Faversham & District – 8 May 2023
Judge: Mandy Pett
Gillan Flaher and Tessmene Icing On The Cake by Kagemusha (Daisy) were 1st in AVNSC puppy, then went on to win Best Puppy AV Gundog .

Aberystwyth and District Canine Society – 8 May 2023
Judge: Colin Edwards
Sarah Finch’s Molokain Doing the Do at Cetgueli was BOB and BPIB, and was also placed in AV VNB.

Perthshire Canine Club – 13 May 2023
Judge: Mrs Janet Kirkwood
Lesley & Matthew Bain’s Crimblescurl Time To Tango At Wenichones JW, was 1st in Open and BOB
2nd Mrs J Cummings Molokain Enchanted One

Colne Nelson and District Premier Open Show, 13 May 2023
Judge: Christina Chapman(Bukris)
Jo McKenzie’s Ravenho Toulouse Latresco at Beddgelert won Best AVNSC and Best AVNSC Puppy

Yeovil & District Canine Society, 13 May 2023
Judge: Sue Brewer
1 Margaret Edworthy’s Maycourt Heartbreaker, and BOB

Pollard Canine Society – 14 May 2023
Judge: Mrs Denyse Whitehead
Puppy & Junior
1st Mr Graham Green Ravenho Comradai Cymro, also RBOB & BPIB
Post Graduate
1st Mrs C & Miss L Killick Overbore’s Double or Stick
Cathrine Mercer & Louise Thomas’ Tyneside’s My Heart Will Go On To Stormacre JW (Imp USA) was 1st in Open and BOB
2nd Mr P A & Ms R A Baines & Hawley-Clarke Karnawalowy Drink Z Basisfory (Imp Pol)

Border Counties Gundog Club, 14 May 2023
Judge: Shelagh Tolladay
1st Mrs Heather Barber & Miss Beatrix & Miss H A Barber – Tonispada Vuori Vincent By Blanshard, and was also placed in the Puppy Stakes
1st Batlle, Todd & Rahman, Mr A, Mr D C, & Mr M, Jeweller’s Pride Jurajska Gwiazda (Imp Pol) and BOB

Gravesend & Medway Towns Canine Society, 14 May 2023
Judge: Paul Richardson
Gill Boorman’s Tessmene Talk of The Town was first in Open and Best AVNSC Gundog


On Saturday 13 May Shirley Buchanan and May were out at an Odour Recognition Test for the National Nosework Association, where May passed her Foundation Stage. Shirley said May was excellent, and she was so proud of her – well done May.

The Mantrailing Training, organised by the CCRC’s Jo Clayton, took place on Sunday 14 May, at Allerton Castle, Allerton Mauleverer, in North Yorkshire.
The day was facilitated by Emma Cook of Paws4Sports. The Mantrailing Global Head Instructor teaches in both the UK and Internationally, as well as training and developing new and existing Mantrailing Instructors. Emma holds accreditation as a City & Guilds Scent Dog Handler & Instructor as well as being a World Scent Dog Association Instructor and UK College of Scent Dogs Ambassador. She has 9 years experience working in the rescue, welfare & training sector and 6 years teaching dog sports.
There were 7 Curlies and their handlers in attendance and a great day was had by all. The dogs worked hard, everyone learnt a lot, and all the Curlies progressed and achieved so much throughout the day. Best of all both dogs and handlers had lots of fun.

In true Curly tradition there was a picnic lunch, with everyone contributing….


WELKS, 30 April 2023
The WELKS critique from judge David Alcorn is now available here

SKC, 1 Oct 2022
Judge: C Gillanders

AVNSC Gundogs
1 & BP Murray’s Muireatai Teris Love, Chesapeake youngster maturing at the correct rate, moved soundly and of good coat and colour.

PGD (2,0)
1 Mowbray’s Crumbledor Reubus Hagrid, most respectable Sussex who is soundly made, good bone and substance, well balanced and correct colour.
2 Duff’s Overbore League of Their Own, an attractive black Curly who could easily have changed places, powerfully made and with a good coat.

1 BD & Best AVNSC Hannay’s Maursett Moruisg a most attractive Clumber with a lovely outline, strongly made without coarseness and scored in movement,
2 & RBD Stokes’ Sh Ch Talismanic Bag of Tricks quality black Curly who is impeccably sound and balanced and with a super coat who covered much ground on the move.
3 Murray’s Takoda Nathan, Chesapeake.

1 and RBB Murray’s Luisaidh Eva honest sound Chesapeake, correct overall construction, good coat and moved and showed to advantage.
2 Bain’s Crimblescurl Time to Tango JW attractive black Curly, strongly made yet feminine and of good breed type.
3 Nixon’s Stonielea Williams Charm, Clumber.

OB(3,1) 1 and BB Cummings’ Molokain Enchanted One, lovely quality black Curly, sweetly feminine yet strongly made who like all good ones covered much ground on the move.
2 S W Charm, sweet Clumber who needs just a bit more confidence.

SBB(2,1) S W Charm.

Waverley Gundog, 4 March 2023
Judge: Hilary Male

Curly Coated Retriever O (2)
1 Cummings’ Molokain Enchanted One – Balanced bitch, correct wedge shaped head, excellent pigmentation, strong neck into well laid back shoulders with corresponding return of upper arm, deep chested sprung ribs with slight tuck up, moderately bent stifle, moved effortlessly around the ring. BOB
2 Bain’s Crimblescurl Time To Tango JW – This bitch gave her handler a hard time to-day. Feminine head with dark eye, medium length slightly arched neck into well laid back shoulders with corresponding return of upper arm, deep chested, well sprung ribs, short loin, moderate bend of stifle, moved soundly once settled.