Buying A Puppy

Photo: Louise Thomas

Welcome: so you have decided a Curly Coated Retriever is the dog for you. Curlies are a large active dog needing plenty of exercise and yes contrary to popular belief they do moult!

Where to find a litter of puppies. It is advisable to buy from a specialist dog breeder, not a commercial breeder. You must be prepared to wait for a puppy, you may well have to put your name down on a list long before they are born to get exactly what you want. Please do not buy on impulse and always make sure you see the mother with the puppies. Some breeders will have the father of the puppies as well, or may be able to arrange for you meet the stud dog and his owner.

Most breeders will only breed after carefully choosing the correct dog for their bitch, making sure temperament is sound, and especially after the necessary hereditary checks have been carried out under the KC/BVA schemes which are currently in place. They will provide you with a Kennel Club registration, pedigree, diet sheets, advice and should be prepared to offer follow up help once the puppy has gone.

The Breed Club’s Puppy list Co-ordinator (to be found on the Puppy form) will give you details of members who currently have puppies available. Or you can speak to people who own a curly with regard to breed characteristics, etc.

If possible speak to the breeder and preferably visit before the puppies are born, this way you can see the mother’s personality, and more importantly the size of the mature curly beforehand. Once the puppies are born, breeders will not normally let you visit until they are 2/3 weeks old, in order to avoid possible infection.

Ask as many questions as you can, especially if you have not had a dog before. Be prepared for the breeder to also ask questions of you, they will want to know all about your family and lifestyle. Please appreciate whilst you are trying to ensure the puppy is good enough for you, the breeder definitely wants to make sure their puppy is going to a responsible home!

IMPORTANT: Puppies will not normally leave the breeder until 7-8 weeks of age.