Working Tests


Fun Working Test Results  14/7/2018


Competitors 2018


Class 1 – Special Have a Go
1st Ms H Warendorf’s Bright Adventurer Tornado Beta
2nd Miss T James’s Brightmeadow Jive Bunny
3rd R Jack’s Maycourt Black Ice
4th Mrs J Clayton’s Gamesmere Dancing Queen at Firecurl
5th Mrs D Courtier’s Maycourt Crimson Moon

Winner’s Photo

Class 2 Special Triers
1st R Jack’s Maycourt Black Ice
2nd Mrs G Flaher’s Kagemusha Allspice Alf
3rd Mrs J Findlow’s All I Ever Wanted Go Lightly with Roughyeds
4th J McKenzie’s Kettle Wit
5th Mrs S Buchanan’s Fleetpaw First Lady

Winner’s photo

Class 3 Special Open
1st J Hirschfeld’s Stagfield Gamekeeper’s Atticus
2nd Mrs J Findlow’s Roughyeds Echo Elsie
3rd Mr S Davies Springcurl Camerons Diaz at Kandrelli
4th Mr R Tarelli’s Curlydeva Azzurro at Tarockwood
5th Mrs G Flaher’s Kagemusha Allspice Alf

Winner’s Photo

Judges Choice
Mrs G Flaher’s Kagemusha Allspice Alf


Judge Jenny Menage






The KC Regulations Booklet dated 1st January 2014 states that “No person shall carry out punitive correction or harsh handling”.


The Curly Coated Retriever Club fully endorses this statement and whoever heads gundog training sessions or any event run under the auspices of the Club has the Club’s authority to deal with this matter and ask the offender to leave the training session.


Dated 28 June 2014 and approved in Committee.