Winter Open Show 2018






Best In Show & Reserve Best In Show/Best Opposite Sex

Best Puppy In Show & Best Veteran In Show


Best In Show – All I Ever Wanted Golightly With Roughyeds (Imp LVA)
Reserve Best In Show – Maycourt Cadillac    

Best Opposite Sex – Maycourt Cadillac
Best Puppy In Show – Kahawei Teal
Reserve Best Puppy In Show – Kahawei Sunloch

Best Veteran In Show – Sh Ch Maycourt Chase The Ace
Reserve Best Veteran In Show – Gladrags Margarita
Reserve Best Bitch – Maycourt Crimson Moon
Reserve Best Dog – Fleetpaw Wondering Star


VD (1) 1. Sh Ch Maycourt Chase The Ace

SVD (0)
MPD (2) 1. Kahawei Sunloch
2. Fleetpaw One For Arthur

PD (0)
JD (1) 1. Myosotisis Glenfiddich At Brightmeadow (Imp NLD)

ND (1) 1. Ametyst Inti Anka

YD (2) 1. Fleetpaw Wondering Star
2. Myosotisis Glenfiddich At Brightmeadow (Imp NLD)

GD (0)
PGD (1) 1. Maycourt Cadillac

LD (3.1) 1. Roughyeds Romeo Reuben
2. Fleetpaw First Officer

OD (1.1)

VB (2.1) 1. Firecurl Myrtle Snap By Pepperiever

SVB (1) 1. Gladrags Margarita

MPB (3.1) 1. Kahawei Teal
2. Blue Willow

PB (1.1)

JB (1) 1. Talismanic Star Appeal At Kelsmere

NB (1.1)
YB (0)
GB (0)
PGB (2) 1. Kandrelli Hen Harrier
2. Fleetpaw First Lady

LB (4.2) 1. Maycourt Crimson Moon
2. Kandrelli Honey Buzzard

OB (2) 1. All I Ever Wanted Golightly With Roughyeds (Imp LVA)
2. Kireton Flourish At Densdale


May I thank all who turned up and gave me the pleasure of assessing their dogs. May I also add there seems to be an increase of heads which are not typical of a Curly. We don’t want to lose the elegant wedge shaped head. I saw more than 1 today which was not typical.

VD. 1. Edworthy’s Maycourt Chase The Ace. Liver dog nearly 8 years old. Very masculine strongly made, well off for bone, pleasing expression, good reach of neck with laid back shoulders, firm body, tight feet, in good coat, moved well. Best Veteran In Show.

SVD (0)
MPD. 1. James’ Kahawei Sunloch. 6 months liver dog, very pleasing head, quality puppy, good length of neck with well placed shoulders, good front and depth of chest. Correct dentition, very pleasing picture in profile, good mover.
2. Driscoll’s Fleetpaw One For Arthur. Masculine head, dark eyes, correct dentition, in good curly jacket, good depth of body, not such good angulation as 1.

PD (0)
JD 1. Stephens’ Myosotisis Glenfiddich at Brightmeadow. Wedge shaped head, dentition good, ears well placed, good depth of body for age, good liver curly coat. Excellent front and rear angulation, very positive mover.

ND. 1. Vauhkonen’s Ametyst Inti Anka. Not so keen on his head. Presented a good outline, beautiful dark liver coat. Moved OK.

YD. 1. Titley’s Fleetpaw Wondering Star. Very impressive black dog, super outline when he was behaving. Wedge shaped head, tight dark eyes, correct dentition, lovely expression, good bone and body proportions. Lovely tight curly coat, well angulated hindquarters with a good bend of stifle and good strong hocks. Unfortunately he was playing the fool today and lost out on a higher place, but no doubt will have a bright future as he is so eye-catching.
2. Myosotisis Glenfiddich at Brightmeadow.

GD (0)
PGD. 1. Edworthy’s Maycourt Cadillac. 2 year old black who has come on leaps and bounds. Melting expression. Super wedge shaped head, tight eyes, correct scissor bite. Ears well placed. good reach of neck into level topline, good shoulder angulation with good legs and feet. Ribs deep and well sprung, strong in loin. Lovely curly jacket. Moved with reach and drive. Best Dog, Reserve Best In Show.

LD. 1. Fielding’s Roughyeds Romeo Reuben. Black dog 5 years old. pleasing wedge shaped head, dark eyes, in very good coat, ears well set. Level topline, moderate hindquarters, showed well. Looked good standing.
2. Lacey’s Fleetpaw First Officer. Black, heavier in head than 1, very masculine, good coat, good ribs, hindquarters adequate, moved OK.

OD (0)
VB (2.1) 1. Hayes’ Firecurl Myrtle Snap by Pepperiever. Liver, nearly 10 years old, very feminine head, correct skull planes, kind expression eye, ears well set on, good length of neck into moderately angled shoulders, excellent curly jacket. Moderate bend of stifle. Very positive mover.

SVB. 1. Buchanan’s Gladrags Margarita. 10 year old black bitch, lovely head, a real old lady, lots to like about her, dark eyes, sweet expression, well balanced body. Not on the best of coats, moved OK. Reserve Best Veteran.

MPB. 1. James’ Kahawei Teal. 6 months, black bitch, very promising puppy, lovely type, sweet feminine head, good neck and shoulders, deep well balanced body in excellent coat. My only criticism are her feet need to tighten up. Moved soundly. Best Puppy In Show.
2. Moskowitz’s Blue Willow, 8 months black bitch, very sweet head, dark eyes, well angulated, good coat, tight feet, moved OK.

PB (1.1)
JB 1. Bett’s Talismanic Star Appeal at Kelsmere. Liver bitch, lovely picture standing, typical curly head, well constructed body, good front, ribs and quarters, very animated looking, in excellent coat, moved with purpose but close behind.

NB (1.1)
YB (0)
PGB. 1. Moor’s Kandrelli Hen Harrier. Black bitch, very appealing feminine head, dark eyes, ears a little long. Excellent front assembly with good reach of neck. Firm body, muscular hindquarters with well let down hocks, tip top coat, moved soundly.
2. Buchanan’s Fleetpaw First Lady. Liver 2 years old, preferred the head of No. 1. Good length of neck, well placed shoulders, good coat, tight feet, level topline, with good rear angulation, moved OK.

LB (2) 1. Courtier’s Maycourt Crimson Moon. Black bitch very feminine head, dark eyes, correct length of muzzle, soft expression, correct bite, good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, tight feet, strong rear quarters with good tail set. Moved well, coat just starting to blow around neck.
2. Davies & Margerison’s Kandrelli Honey Buzzard. Black, feminine head with good head planes. Dark eyes, ears a little long. In excellent condition, well muscled body. Well off for bone and substance. Moved with plenty of reach and drive.

OB (2) 1. Findlow’s Ch All I Ever Wanted Golightly with Roughyeds (Imp LVA) Ultra feminine black bitch oozing quality, love her for type. Just the right size. Beautiful head with a melting expression, dark eyes, well placed ears, good level scissor bite, excellent length of bone in shoulders giving correct angles. Coat crisp in tip top condition, well muscled body, tight feet, well balanced well let down hocks, good tail carriage. Put on a faultless performance on the move. Best Bitch & Best In Show.
2. Stubbs’ Kireton Flourish At Densdale. Black, larger type than No 1 but lots to like about her. She has a very sweet head, dark eyes, correct bite, very kind expression, balanced outline with strong powerful quarters. Shown in lovely condition with tight crisp curls, moved soundly.

Judge: Karolyn Riva





Special Elementary (2.1)
1. Gladrags Margarita

Special Pre-Beginners (6.1)
1. Kireton Flourish At Densdale
2. Fleetpaw First Lady
3. Kandrelli Honey Buzzard
4. Kandrelli Hen Harrier
5. Maycourt Cadillac

Special Beginners (6.2)
1. Kireton Flourish At Densdale
2. Gladrags Margarita
Joint 3. Kandrelli Honey Buzzard
Joint 3. Maycourt Crimson Moon

Special Novice (2.1)
1. Gladrags Margarita

Special Test A (0)

Judges Choice – Kandrelli Honey Buzzard


Thank you to the Curly Coated Retriever Club for inviting me to Judge the Limited Obedience at the Single Breed Open Show of Sunday 4th November 20
The competitors had to juggle showing in breed and wet weather so we took them in the order that they came in rather than as single classes. A bit confusing for myself and my steward but so much easier for the competitors.
I was so pleased that so many from the breed classes had a go at the obedience. Many combine Breed, Gundog and Obedience training, I take my hat off to you. Those that train for obedience specifically shone out today but the gundog trainers also gave a really good show.
I hope that even if you did not get a rosette that all go away with pride in their dogs and themselves. A show is a good time to look at your future training aims and that I hope that I have not put off too many of you. Many breeders should be pleased that their progeny can work as well as look beautiful.

Winners of:-
Class 25 Special Elementary. 21. Kandrelli Hen Harrier Almost paw perfect. With her handler relaxing more they could go far. Also came 4th in the Pre-Beginners class. Well done
Class 26 .Special Pre-Beginners 27. Kireton Flourishat Densdale Stunning heelwork and stays. All of which were faultless. The recall only lost three quarters of a mark. A careful and skilled handler. You should be well pleased with yourself and your dog who worked with enthusiasm and style.
Class 27 Special Beginners 27. Kireton Flourishat Densdale A more challenging round with even small mistakes being marked . She still had a stunning round with only small lapses of concentration, the retrieve only lose three quarters of a point. Crooked sits were the main source of faults.
Class 28..Special Novice 5. Gladrags Margarita..I expected full obedience style concentration in this round so she was marked heavily for lapses. Stays were rock solid as was the recall to heel. Very well handled you should be proud of yourself and your dog. Also came 2nd in Beginners.
Not mentioned so far is 12. Macroft Cadillac A lovely gentleman of a dog that followed his hard wiring in his brain and sniffed out every scent that had been in the ring over the past two days, just like gundogs are bred to do. He came 5th in Pre- Beginners. His Stays were flawless.
Now to 9. Kandrelli Honey Buzzard. So obviously a very well trained gundog. His handler turned this training round to fit the demands of the obedience test. He lost bucket loads of marks in one of the stays but worked the other exercises with such drive and accuracy. He came 3rd in the Special Pre-Beginners. I was given the flexibility of choosing a dog, using any criteria, for the Judge’s Choice. I did not realise that a huge trophy was awarded to this selection. He was everything I was hoping to see at this show, breed, gundog and obedience combined to make my heart pump.
Last of all I would like to give my sincerest thanks to my steward, Callum Medeley, who had never done this difficult job before. He picked the rules up very quickly and owned the ring, putting people at their ease and making my job so much more simple.