CCRC ’18



Judge Daphne Bailey

DCC & BIS – Stephens’ Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW ShCM
RDCC & RBIS – Mercer & Thomas’ Elkysar Black Arrow Over Stormacre
BCC & BOS – Jack’s – Maycourt Space Oddity
RBCC – Whitehead’s – Sh Ch Kelsmere Kamana For Foxriever ShCM
BPIS – Bett’s – Talismanic Star Appeal At Kelsmere
RBPIS – Johnstone & Stokes’ – Talismanic Bag Of Tricks
BVIS – Edworthy’s Sh Ch Maycourt Chase The Ace
RBVIS – Perkins’ Kelsmere Kelsey At Tengore
Best Brace – Perkins






1. Sh Ch Maycourt Chase The Ace
2. Sh Ch Pepperiever Beech At Crookwood
3. Springcurl Spin Doctor For Foxriever


1. Hunters Pride Jurajska Gwiazda At Tarockwood (Imp Pol)


1. Talismanic Bag Of Tricks
2. Hunters Pride Jurajska Gwiazda At Tarockwood (Imp Pol)


1. Fleetpaw Wondering Star
2. Dark Sapphires Discovery (Imp DNK)


1. Stormacre Paper Plane

1. Stormacre Paper Plane

1. Stormacre Paper Plane


1. Elkysar Black Arrow Over Stormacre
2. Fleetpaw First Officer
3. Roughyeds Romeo Reuben
Res. Pepperiever Pheasants Eye Over Blanshard


1. Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW ShCM
2. Maycourt Starman By Crookwood ShCM
3. NL/BE/LU Ch Bright Adventurer Tornado Beta



1. Kelsmere Kelsey At Tengore
2. Kelsmere Kabbera Of Pattonia



1. Talismanic Star Appeal At Kelsmere


1. Fleetpaw Reach For The Stars



1. Curlabull Dark Skies Over Stormacre
2. Pepperiever Love In A Mist At Tusepo


1. Maycourt Crimson Moon
2. Kelsmere Kass Of Tengore
3. Kelsmere Kasscade At Saxonholme
Res. Lilholms Champagne A L’orange Among Cawdowen
VHC. All I Ever Wanted Golightly With Roughyeds (Imp LVA)


1. Maycourt Space Oddity
2. Sh Ch Kelsmere Kamana For Foxriever Sh CM
3. Maycourt Hunky Dory JW ShCM


1. Roughyeds Echo Elsie


1. Perkins

Progeny (0)

Judges Critique

I always feel it is a great honour to judge at a Breed Club Show and I would like to thank everyone for their entries and giving me the opportunity to go over this special breed.
A big thank you to the officers and committee for making my day so enjoyable and to Keith Masson my steward who I have known for many years through WSS.
I know how much work goes on in the background to put on a show like this and I feel everyone worked hard together to make it a success.
It was an extremely hot day & I feel the exhibitors should be congratulated on presenting their dogs so well in the heat, even if some of the handlers were looking a bit worse for wear by the end of the day. Temperaments were good in both the dogs and owners.
There is still variation in the breed the classic head & expression has disappeared in some cases. I know many judges harp on about poor rear action but I am sure the breeders are aware of these criticisms and do try to rectify the problems.

Veteran D (5,2)
1 Edworthy’s Sh Ch Maycourt Chase The Ace. BVD & BVIS
Quality balanced Liver coming up to eight years, presenting a clean outline when stacked & on the move, strong head of good proportion with soft expression, muscular neck, tidy front & strong feet, well sprung deep ribs, muscular loin & firm in topline, good turn of stifle & wide thighs with firm muscle tone, moved out with purpose & drive.
2 Mistlin’s Sh Ch Pepperiever Beech At Crookwood JW.
Black of 8 yrs well coated with excellent proportions, slightly finer in head with good eye, not so tidy in front as first, good deep ribs & well sprung, firm through topline & loin, muscular hind quarters moved out true on firm feet.
3 Whitehead’s Springcurl Spln Doctor For Foxriever.

Minor PD (1)
1 Tarelli’s Hunters Pride Jurajska Gwiazda At Tarockwood (imp Pol)
Excellent baby with a good coat for age, lovely body proportions, balanced head with expressive dark eye, well set ears, straight front on good feet, well sprung rib cage for age, wide thighs not quite the extension on the move as puppy dog winner.

PD (2)
1 Johnstone & Stokes Talismanic Bag Of Tricks. BPD
Balanced throughout presenting a lovely clean frame & outline to grow into, strong coat coming through, wedge shaped head dark eye, ears well set gentle expression, tidy front & feet, liked his shoulder placement, good spring of rib, level topline, good rear angulation with wide thighs, moved out true on a good stride.
2 Tarelli’s Hunters Pride Jurajska Gwiazda At Tarockwood.

JD (2)
1 Titley’s Fleetpaw Wondering Star.
Mature young black dog with excellent proportions likes to push his handler to the limit even in the heat, balanced wedge shaped head with a mischievous dark eye, straight front with strong bone & firm feet, clean shoulders, deep brisket with good spring of rib, level topline & muscular loin, well developed rear with good angles, moves out true on a good stride with plenty of drive, when he gets his act together should be a top contender.
2 Evans Dark Sapphires Discovery (imp DNK)
Good overall balance not so forward as first still rather soft in topline, well proportioned head of good shape dark eye, straight well boned front, well placed shoulders, good ribbing, needs to strengthen in loin, well made hindquarters would prefer more width to thighs, moved on decent stride, good textured coat.

ND (1)
1 Dyer’s Stormacre Paper Plane.
Good overall breed type I hope if his handler wants to continue she takes him to ring craft classes to get the best out of him, wedge shaped head with dark eye & gentle expression, tidy well boned front & feet, well placed shoulders, level topline, good rear angles & wide thighs, moved true when he got going at the correct pace & realised what he should be doing, good coat texture.

1 Dyer’s Stormacre Plane
PG/D (3,1 1 w/d)
1 Stormacre Plane

LD (4)
1 Mercer & Thomas Elkysar Black Arrow Over Stormacre RDCC & RBIS.
Smart upstanding black dog of excellent breed type presenting a clean outline stacked & on the move, well proportioned masculine head with strong muzzle & dark eye, straight front with strong bone & firm feet, well laid shoulders & good spring of rib, deep brisket, firm through topline & loin, muscular well angled hindquarters with deep wide thighs, presented in a coat of tight curls, moved with purpose & plenty of drive.
2 Lacey’s Fleetpaw First Officer.
It’s a shame this dog is such a handful he does his best to throw everything away, well balanced with clean outline, strong masculine head of good proportion, straight front feet rather untidy, & coat not at its best, good through body, level topline, strong loin, wide muscular thighs, front action rather untidy, drives well behind, although a bit erratic.
3 Fielding’s Roughyeds Romeo Reuben

OD (3)
1 Stephens Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW ShCM. DCC & BIS
Super young black with excellent conformation throughout he has that extra ring presence, lacking in many Curly’s. I feel he still has not reached his full potential, he is a credit to his owners for presenting him in such hard condition, I don’t think I have ever felt such rock hard muscle tone on a Curly before, excellent head shape with that expression that just makes you smile, straight well boned front standing on the best of feet, good shoulder placement deep ribbing, elbows tight to brisket, firm topline & loin, wide thighs with good angulation, moves off driving well from rear & just goes into another gear, could watch his effortless movement all day, excellent tail carriage along with super tight crisp curls earned him top spot today.
2 Mistlin’s Maycourt Starman By Crookwood ShCM
Balanced liver presenting clean outline, correct head shape giving typical expression, tidy front, well laid shoulders, good spring & depth of rib, strong through topline & loin, well turned stifles & muscular second thighs, presented in good coat, moved out true, just not the overall strength & appearance of my principle winners.
3 Warendorf’s NL/BEL/LU Ch Bright Adventurer Tornado Beta NL/LU/BE-JCH

Spec WD (3absent)

VB (2)
1 Perkins Kelsmere Kelsey At Tengore. BVB
Black of 9yrs with great breed type & excellent balance, presented in super coat, just lost out on movement for BV, super head shape with softest expression, well placed shoulders, deep ribbing, firm through body & strong topline, muscular well angled rear, true movement for & after.
2 Valentine’s Kelsmere Kabbera Of Pattonia.
Another oldie looking good for nearly 10 yrs not the overall balance of first, good head shape with gentle expression, clean in neck & shoulders, tidy front, feet a little soft, good through body & firm topline, adequate turn of stifle, good coat, moved out well in the heat.

PB (1)
1 Bett’s Talismanic Star Appeal At Kelsmere BPB & BPIS
Well made youngster with excellent conformation & balance, presenting a clean outline when stacked, feminine head of correct proportions good eye colour for a liver, tidy front & firm feet, well laid shoulders, deep chest for age, firm through body & loin, good width of second thighs, & well turned stifle’s, jacket of crisp curls, moved soundly very well schooled for her age.

JB (1)
1 Lacey’s Fleetpaw Reach For The Stars.
Black up to size, but she is balanced within her frame, head shape ok with dark eye, I would prefer a softer expression, straight front, feet very untidy, shoulders well laid back, deep ribbed, firm in topline & loin, strong hindquarters, coat at inbetween stage, not settled in her movement so difficult to assess.

GB (1absent)

P/G (2)
1 Mercer & Thomas Curlabull Dark Skies Over Stormacre.
Black with excellent conformation & balance presenting a clean outline, held on the move, classic head shape & dark eye giving a soft expression, tidy front & feet, clean neck, good lay back of shoulder & spring of rib, strength through body & short muscular loin, excellent angulation to hind quarters with wide thighs & firm muscle tone, sound action, in good coat.
2 Spraggins Pepperiever Love Mist At Tusepo.
Balanced black in a smaller frame, she has an excellent coat of tight crisp curls, pleasing head & eye soft expression, firm feet, good shoulder placement, strength through body, level topline, tends to stand rather tucked up which spoils her outline, strong rear would like a little more turn of stifle, although pretty sound couldn’t match the extension & drive of first on the move.

LB (12)

Excellent class of bitches some coped in the heat better than others, but it’s the same for everyone on the day.
1 Courtier’s Maycourt Crimson Moon.
Black with super conformation & balance, feminine head of correct shape with dark eye, soft expression, tidy front & strong feet, muscular neck & well placed shoulders, ribbed well back, strong loin, level topline stacked & on the move, good rear angulation with wide muscular thighs, coat of tight crisp curls, true movement, pushed hard for top honours, in the final run off couldn’t match the driving action of principle winners.
2 Perkins Kelsmere Kass Of Tengore.
Honest black in splendid coat with good conformation, classic head shape with dark eye, gentle expression, well boned front & firm feet, good shoulder placement, strength through body & loin, muscular hind quarters with good angulation, moved soundly holding herself well would have preferred more drive in the run off.
3 Gill’s & Peake’s Kelsmere Kasscade At Saxonholme.
Black typical representative of the breed which deserves a short critique in this class, well balanced throughout with strong bone & good body, classic head with expressive eye, moved soundly but not the drive I know she can didn’t have her mind on the job here.

OB (4)

1 Jack’s Maycourt Space Oddity. BCC & BOS.
What a show girl she could certainly move even in the heat, still has a little more maturing to do to finish the picture, I liked her overall balance & conformation she presented a clean outline when stacked & held on the move, giving a typical appearance of the breed, pretty feminine head of excellent shape with dark eye, straight front & super feet, good forechest elbows tight to brisket, well angulated shoulders, firm level topline & muscular loin, good turn of stifle & width of second thighs, moved soundly with style & super reach & drive along with her good tail carriage & an impressive thick jacket of tight curls earned her the CC. The dog just out moved her for BIS.
2 Whitehead’s Sh Ch Kelsmere Kamana For Foxriever ShCM RBCC
Well made black bitch with excellent balance & conformation, first class presentation, correct wedge shaped head with gentle expression, tidy front & feet, well laid shoulders, ribbed well back, strength through body & loin, good width to second thigh, can spoil her rear angulation when stacked if not checked, tight curly coat throughout, moved with purpose & drive to earn her RBCC
3 Courtier’s Maycourt Hunky Dory JW ShCM.

Spec/WB (1)
1Findlow’s Roughyeds Echo Elsie.
Black of super type so well put together, presented in hard condition & excellent coat, tidy front & firm feet, good head shape & melting expression, deep chest & well sprung ribs strength through body & muscular loin, good turn of stifle & wide thighs, moved out with ease on a good stride.

1 Perkins.
Two well matched quality bitches of super breed type, moved round in harmony.
Daphne Bailey ( Judge)