The 2024 Membership Fees for the CCRC are as follows:

Single – £12.50
Joint – £14.00
Single Senior (60+) – £8.00
Joint Senior (60+)  – £8.50
Junior – £2.00

Single – £17.00
Joint – £22.00
Single Senior (60+) – £12.00
Joint Senior (60+)  – £14.50
Junior – £2.00

If you would like to join the club please complete and submit the form below. Once your application has been accepted you will be contacted by the Club Secretary, Vicki Hayes,  who will advise  you how to make your payment.

Membership Form

Please DO NOT complete this form if you are an existing member.

Candidates for membership shall be proposed by one existing fully paid up member and seconded by another. Please note all applications will be discussed at the Committee meeting following receipt of application and, if thought fit, shall be accepted on behalf of the Club at the discretion of the Committee. IN THE EVENT THAT THE PROSPECTIVE MEMBER DOES NOT KNOW TWO CURRENT MEMBERS to propose/second then you may leave this section blank and the Committee may propose and/or second at their discretion.
If accepted for membership I/We agree to abide by the Club’s Rules and Code of Ethics.

Please supply your proposers' names.