UK Hip Scores


Hip scores in the UK are from a possible total of 53 on each hip, they are listed as right hip, left hip and total. The current breed mean score for the Curly Coated Retriever is 10.7 according to KC data from dogs scored in the last 15 years, as at 31 December 2021. For further information click here.

Acorn Cottage Boy Under Badgersmoon8614
Alijames Jake81018
Alijames Music of the Night4610
All I Ever Wanted Golightly with Roughyeds4711
Amadeus Felicia5510
Ametyst Inti Anka6410
Anglecroft Tryfan5914
Aspenwood Arthur at Kelsmere91322
Aspenwood Asperation at Kelsmere246
Aspenwood Carbon Copy at Roughyeds5712
Aspenwood Dark Obsession4913
Aspenwood Dark Sky8412
Aspenwood Destiny4711
Aspenwood Deva325
Aspenwood in the Dark5813
Aspenwood Jacob Marley41519
Badgersmoon Amazing Grace121628
Badgersmoon Cinnamon Spice91120
Badgersmoon Mad Aboutthe Boy246
Badgersmoon Night Time at Belmarke6713
Badgersmoon Soar To The Top71219
Banworth John SinJohn000
Berryholme Bonfire Cracker336
Berryholme Clydesdale336
Berryholme Ebony639
Berryholme Maricopa6713
Berryholme New Forest9817
Berryholme Palomino91019
Berryholme Pawnee5813
Berryholme Scarlet Star000
Berryholme Shooting Star3710
Berryholme Sioux at Haregrove5510
Big Duke639
Blazeaway High Roller628
Blue Willow At Ravenho6612
Brandhills Beauly4711
Brandhills Bellart314
Brandhills Pride of Isla549
Brightmeadow Black Knight5712
Brightmeadow Jimmy Cricket12416
Brightmeadow Jive Bunny5510
Brightmeadow Just One Look7815
Brightmeadow My Fair Lady8917
Brightmeadow Never Say Die5510
Brightmeadow Now or Never369
Brightmeadow Rambling Rose5510
Brightmeadow Timothy336
Caballus Grand Slam437
Caballus Keep Left To Malanis459
Caballus Waterman279
Cajetan of Tonispada Avec Khanastra (imp Bel)347
Celebrated Caramel From Tornado Beta369
Chantelise of Grenowood235
Cimramin Capricious For Springcurl336
Cobrizo Andante at Largymore549
Cobrizo Betun459
Cobrizo Casis426
Cobrizo Chancou of Caindubh7815
Cobrizo China Beech000
Cobrizo Gavarnie7714
Cobrizo Ma Vlast336
Cobrizo Mazurka5510
Cobrizo Mirlo224
Cobrizo Night Train via Largymore235
Cobrizo Sardana202
Cobrizo Stone Angel448
Cobrizo Tourmalet369
Cobrizo Valenciano5510
Coralair Corbiere of Salabah448
Cornerstone's Take A Chance On Me At Kelsmere538
Country Squire347
Creyrflight Calypso41216
Crimwell Christmas Carol538
Crisella Cello String6410
Crisella Immortalized8614
Crisella Impression347
Crisella Incentive71623
Crisella Indemnity7613
Crisella Independence6511
Crisella Independent549
Crisella Indestructible448
Crisella Never Look Back of Molokain141024
Crisella Premier Performance538
Crisella River Flower7512
Crisella River Swan6612
Crisella Secret Agent7310
Crookwood Daisy527
Crookwood Primrose7815
Curlabull Baltimore Raven437
Curlabull Iron Lion Zion347
Curlabull King Arthur71825
Curlabull Lady Of The Lake347
Curlabull Satisfy My Soul5611
Curlabull Speak The Truth7714
Curlabull The Angels Share9817
Curlabull True Criminal7411
Curlabull True Faith Cum Abbaz358
Curlabull True Reformer358
Curlabull Truly Scrumptious336
Curltemple Adora Caypso Con Redanimo246
Curltemple All Gold246
Curltemple Andromeda Cum Abbaz549
Curltemple Ayres And Graces5813
Curlydeva Azzurro At Tarockwood347
Curlydeva Dancer549
Curlydeva Dasher5510
Curlydeva Verde347
Cwmgilli Annibynnwr from Lizalwood448
Cwmgilli Beluga5510
Cwmgilli Boris at Curlyman268
Cwmgilli Independantimage6511
Cwmgilli Myrddinbach3811
Cwmgilli Warrenrambler of Brenal6410
Cwmgilli Wildfowler8614
Daelyb Dixon at Jancliff101020
Daelyb Purdey6612
Daltoncuel Lowery Under Badgersmoon6511
Darelyn Alexis358
Darelyn Dame Delilah6410
Darelyn Double Dutch639
Darelyn Dynasty Dream41014
Darelyn Elliott at Roydi6410
Darelyn Fennel by Shuvick9817
Darelyn Gainsboro Garrick224
Darelyn Glenlair Gypsy at Heathermead358
Darelyn Gomersal Genny336
Darelyn Heapstone Holly437
Darelyn Illman Imp336
Darelyn Impeccable Iesha6410
Darelyn Inquisitive Lady From Lizallwood347
Darelyn Jenny Jenkins347
Darelyn Jim Jiminee202
Darelyn Judge Jane358
Darelyn Just The Ticket5712
Darelyn Knysna Karolkade347
Darelyn Koven Kate358
Darelyn Leo The Lionheart6410
Darelyn Lillie Langtree at Haregrove5611
Darelyn Lois Lane5611
Darelyn Lucy Lockett5712
Darelyn Master Kopy at Kelsmere336
Darelyn Sutton Tied Boy101020
Darelyn Urquhart224
Darelyn Vicky of Shuvick224
Darelyn Wizards Potion235
Darelyn Zara5611
Darelyn Zarenbo at Horham246
Darelyn Zodiac at Roydi7310
Deriolet Curlew Over Greenswylde6410
Dougal McDee Of Maycourt358
Edw Hidden Gem202
Elerrina Untouchable4711
Elara Loyaal5813
Elkysar All That Jazz268
Elkysar Black Arrow Over Stormacre4711
Elkysar Black Orchid152035
Elkysar Chianti7815
Elkysar Dress To Impress426
Elkysar Eytukan358
Elkysar Quaritch235
Elkysar Red Horizon022
Elkysar Run With The Wind At Lizallwood224
Firecurl Bertie Wooster Via Blanshard51419
Firecurl Georgie Porgie3710
Firecurl Myrtle Snap by Pepperiever71017
Firecurl Some Like It Hot At Tarockwood358
Firecurl Stinker Pinker At Tarockwood51318
Fleetpaw First Officer437
Fleetpaw Reach For The Stars358
Fleetwoods Sundevil Empress Among Foxriever549
Forever In Love628
Foxriever Picture Perfect For Blanshard202
Foxriever Striking Spirit369
Gamesmere Amber Sunset549
Gamesmere Athena18422
Gamesmere Bianca7411
Gamesmere Black Cherry347
Gamesmere Black Lace at Groomswood41014
Gamesmere Busy Bee369
Gamesmere Claudius of Brenal448
Gamesmere Dancing Queen At Firecurl437
Gamesmere First Lady6410
Gamesmere Lucinda527
Gamesmere Madonna448
Gamesmere Miss Georgia6713
Gamesmere Moonraker639
Gamesmere Royal Escort437
Gamesmere Royal Flush358
Gamesmere Scarlet O'Hara5712
Gamesmere Senator347
Gamesmere Statesman91019
Gamesmere Summer Sky268
Gamesmere Timandra8311
Gamesmere Whiskey Mac538
Gamesmere Will Scarlet336
Gaylock April in Paris273259
Gladrags A Diamond Gent224
Gladrags Ain't Misbehavin448
Gladrags A Rough Diamond538
Gladrags Baccarat at Roydi91019
Gladrags Bethan For Turcel347
Gladrags Captain Morgan of Fleetpaw527
Gladrags Diamonds Forever6713
Gladrags Dubonnet Under Badgersmoon7815
Gladrags Cavalier8311
Gladrags Designer Lable at Oneandall303
Gladrags Emperor538
Gladrags Famous Grouse Under Badgersmoon8614
Gladrags Fascination at Darelyn448
Gladrags Goldfinger369
Gladrags Harmony459
Gladrags Heaven Scent of Fleetpaw5611
Gladrags Hot Property336
Gladrags Independent Miss5510
Gladrags In The Mood437
Gladrags Jack The Lad41721
Gladrags Jackaranda41216
Gladrags Kanastra6511
Gladrags Keepmeinmind5611
Gladrags Hot Property336
Gladrags Margarita7815
Gladrags Martell At Jecadie235
Gladrags Never Say Die437
Gladrags Newsflash538
Gladrags Nobleman336
Gladrags Oasis8816
Gladrags Prideandjoy459
Gladrags Prima Donna of Amadeus8311
Gladrags Rhian At Tessmene347
Gladrags Tycoon8412
Gladrags Umphrey Esquire8917
Gladrags Unanimous Decision at Springcurl15520
Gladrags Virtuous Viscount549
Gladrags Wicca at Oneandall191736
Gladrags Wing Commander101323
Gladrags You Wait And See448
Greatest Of All Time369
Grenowood Dolly Mixture358
Grenowood Imperial Lace6713
Grenowood Jasmin Niteshade at Wingoren336
Groomswood Tarahumara347
Guinevere Du Pays Fort Par Cobrizo8715
Haneslau Cousin Jack347
Haneslau Impossible Dream With Ownways6511
Haneslau Folloe That Star71017
Haneslau Unreachable Star4812
Haregrove Kates Imperial at Valtoocurl448
Haregrove Sir Herbert437
Hamptonhill Tegan for Regaltails7613
Heathermead Hot Gossip224
Heathermead House Captain5712
Heathermead Huxley369
Heathermead Made By Magic369
Heathermead Made in the Dark448
Heathermead Maid at Last7512
Heathermead Make No Mistake at Aspenwood549
Heathermead Muppet5510
Herblyn Samphires Accolade of Narod7613
Herblyn Samphires Amethyst6612
Hunters Pride Jurajska Gwiazda At Tarockwood4610
Indian Sunset Under Badgersmoon4711
Infallibles Black Velvet At Kandrelli224
Jade of the Sunset Under Badgersmoon101727
Jecadie I'll Be Seeing You At Fleetpaw437
Jecadie Sundance Kid7613
Jubilee Boy426
Just The Ticket Jurajska Gwiazda At Overbore336
Kagemusha Allspice Alf4610
Kagemusha Bertie Bayleaf Con Redanimo235
Kagemusha Black Pepper Bill By Simbaroah336
Kagemusha Hana358
Kagemusha Ichi Ban Dreams336
Kagemusha Ki-Ken-Tai459
Kagemusha Queen Of Dreams336
Kagemusha Tanden336
Kagemusha Tanto6410
Kagemusha Tokyo Joe336
Kagemusha Sakura3710
Kagemusha Warriors Dreams336
Kandrelli Eleanora's Falcon448
Kandrelli Honey Buzzard437
Kandrelli Montague's Harrier347
Kelsmere Governor81018
Kelsmere Heron of Saxonholme7714
Kelsmere Kaarina7714
Kelsmere Kabbera71219
Kelsmere Kacy358
Kelsmere Kaikoura15924
Kelsmere Kalkewlate of Stormacre111021
Kelsmere Kakariki8614
Kelsmere Kaldari91019
Kelsmere Kalliopsis81422
Kelsmere Kama Of Stormacre201939
Kelsmere Kammela5712
Kelsmere Kamana For Foxriever8614
Kelsmere Kandice6511
Kelsmere Kantata6410
Kelsmere Kapsicum7714
Kelsmere Kap-T-Vate358
Kelsmere Kardamom459
Kelsmere Kass at Tengore4610
Kelsmere Katrina at Kireton111324
Kelsmere Katriona of Daelyb10717
Kelsmere Kerikeri at Aspenwood639
Kelsmere Keisha at Brightmeadow171128
Kelsmere Kingcup of Daelyb325
Kelsmere Khalida369
Kelsmere Kharisma7613
Kelsmere Knightingale8614
Kelsmere Kodala639
Kelsmere Koleridge for Remington8513
Kelsmere Kolista459
Kelsmere Kolleen6612
Kelsmere Kookoo426
Kelsmere Konqueror538
Kelsmere Kopyright9918
Kelsmere Koronet At Aspenwood7310
Kelsmere Kosmea437
Kelsmere Kowandi4812
Kelsmere Kranberry12719
Kelsmere Kristiana369
Kelsmere Krystoff2911
Kelsmere Kumera3811
Kelsmere Kunara369
Kelsmere Lark71320
Kestral On The Wing448
Khanastra Blueberry Hill459
Khanastra Celebration Day527
Khanastra Coastal Bluff336
Khanastra In The Evening61622
Khanastra Miles High Over Blanshard5510
Khanastra Milesperanza For Cobrizo336
Khanastra Pilsudski5510
Khanastra Smiles336
Khanastra Swain of Blanshard336
Khanastra White Summer358
Kireton Fidelio at Springcurl549
Kireton Flourish at Densdale7613
Kireton Fouette at Kiltybanan3912
Kiwi Pearl358
Kukkasen Keita By Caballus6612
Lady Agnes of Dogziggity235
Lady Iesha8614
Laguna Love Desmond At Gladrags (Imp LVA)336
Lahabra Royal Sovereign224
Landaracurl Royal Warrant7714
Larachel Millers Daughter437
Lenellie Black Contender at Kelsmere141428
Lenellie Eye Catcher at Kelsmere91019
Lenellie Smart In Black369
Lenellie Touch of Ebony at Grenowood639
Lilholm's Cambo Campari At Springcurl3710
Lilholm's Champagne A L'Orange Among Cawdowen4610
Little Gemma of Gunstock437
Liver Jack at Blanshard10919
Lizallwood Dangerous Lady224
Lizallwood Desert Storm6410
Lizallwood Desertmirage of Deriolet628
Lizalwood Firecrest Of Lahabra5510
Lizalwood Flint's Girl6511
Lizallwood Hello Again437
Lizallwood Laughing Falcon437
Lizallwood Lucifer347
Lizallwood Mackintosh Lyon369
Lizallwood Magnolia Among Cawdowen369
Lizallwood Night Sky235
Lizallwood Night Watchman325
Lizallwood Simply Wet549
Lizallwood Summer Madness with Rewynde426
Lizallwood Summer Magic at Elkysar538
Lizallwood Trojan224
Lizallwood W'ater Hen7411
Lizallwood Wa'terfull448
Lizallwood Wayward Lad538
Lizallwood Winter Chill224
Lizallwood Winter Magic246
Llangybi Lady Gabrielle606
Llangybi Lillibet12719
Llangybi Limelight257
Love in the Mist at Swickhill437
Lovely Gina347
Lucky Lyra From Skocroft17926
Maidstone Hazel448
Malanis Endeavour358
Malanis Keepsake347
Malanis Lightning10919
Malani Ripple5510
Malanis Rocket336
Malani Ruffle at Acredam142640
Malanis Witches Brew437
Mary Mistletoe459
Mawddach Maiden7512
Maycourt Brown Sugar26733
Maycourt Chase The Ace292958
Maycourt Crimson Moon268
Maycourt Heartbreaker549
Maycourt Hey Jude5510
Maycourt Hot Love at Tusepo6410
Maycourt Hunky Dory448
Maycourt Jumpin Jack Flash358
Maycourt Kashmir Con Redanimo336
Maycourt Lady Madonna5510
Maycourt Magic Dance of Fleetpaw5510
Maycourt Midnight Rambler at Glenkerry538
Maycourt Paint It Black6612
Maycourt Penny Lane at Elkysar9817
Maycourt Skies On Fire6612
Maycourt Stairway To Heaven6410
Maycourt Starman By Crookwood347
Maycourt Sun King448
Maycourt The Last Time By Simbaroah448
Maycourt Tumbling Dice448
Meadow Pipit Mouse7512
Mighty Demetrious at Swickhill347
Mincurl Ariadne at Acredam347
Mincurl Athena5510
Mollycoddle Lady of Lahabra279
Molokain Enchanted One5510
Moonmere Causing Havoc at Acredam000
Morgaine of The Marshes235
Morkehall Casper Goes Stormacre437
Morkehall David For Stormacre5510
Night Music5611
Night Shade639
Novacroft Vantage Point for Srenscam527
Novacroft Viceroy of Glengilde437
Oakleigh Oberon at Kelsmere257
Oakurl Music Maker7310
Oneandall Alida of Brenal7310
Oneandall Annet13922
Oneandall Argymore91423
Oneandall Arwenack at Teegate6713
Oneandall Brisons5813
Pentar Black Shadow325
Pepperiever Beech at Crookwood022
Pepperiever Cinnamon9716
Pepperiever Galangal at Pendlecurl7613
Pepperiever Love In A Mist At Tusepo4812
Pepperiever Nutmeg at Kireton628
Pepperiever Pheasants Eye over Blanshard5712
Pepperiever Star Anise549
Pondsford Beatrix Potter at Athelby5510
Pondsford Flopsy Bunny6410
Pondsford Tiny Dancer459
Red Kite Romeo369
Reulemill Erina459
Rivermist of Grenowood112
Rossiemoor Clio of Farlock4610
Roughyeds Alfa Aristotle At Molokain142135
Roughyeds Artemis15419
Roughyeds Audrey Roberts5510
Roughyeds Bopeac8412
Roughyeds Delta Douglas Of Caindubh8715
Roughyeds Echo Elsie31215
Rueben Busker Brown Lamb639
Russledown Otterlie at Gamesmere549
Russledown Susie Sparkles459
Rydon's Wishfull Thinking12315
Samphires Lad213
Saxonholme Black Orchid of Trisett8715
Saxonholme Dutch Maid6612
Saxonholme Enyo3710
Saxonholme Gunpowder Plot7512
Saxonholme Hermione8614
Saxonholme Lorelei8513
Saxonholme Mr Pickwick358
Saxonholme Myrtle At Tengore6511
Saxonholme Selene7714
Saxonholme Treble Chance437
Saxonholme War Hero at Silvora7714
Selvatico Mopsa459
Selvatico Othello224
Shuvick Corialanus4812
Shuvick Cressida of Deriolet5914
Shuvick Desdemona of Pondsford7411
Skocroft Sweet Basil212243
Skocroft Sweet Celebration61016
Skocroft Sweet Endeavor81018
Skocroft Sweet Maverick6713
Skocroft Sweet Mystery91524
Skocroft Sweet Nutmeg6713
Sporting Turbo Diesel448
Springcurl Ace Flier6410
Springcurl Agneta5712
Springcurl Annalina31114
Springcurl Antonia000
Springcurl Azelma At Molokain8513
Springcurl Bling of Brandonburg8412
Springcurl Cameron's Diaz at Kandrelli437
Springcurl Coalition Party7512
Springcurl Cosette At Malanis336
Springcurl Emma of Haneslau459
Springcurl Going For Gold369
Springcurl Gold Amulet31114
Springcurl Gold Strike9817
Springcurl Jane Eyre639
Springcurl Keats at Kelsmere7613
Springcurl Keepinline549
Springcurl Keepsake448
Springcurl La Travieta at Turcel4610
Springcurl Leather and Lace353368
Springcurl Manifesto4610
Springcurl Man Of The World At Curlyman538
Springcurl North And South At Moonmere358
Springcurl of One Mind448
Springcurl Pam Ayres At Arkview5611
Springcurl Peace of Mind549
Springcurl Purplehaze8311
Springcurl Purplerain5510
Springcurl Rigoletto8412
Springcurl Seren with Kilima6713
Springcurl Speak My Mind7613
Springcurl Spin Doctor for Foxriever7411
Springcurl Spode347
Springcurl Susie Cooper6410
Springcurl The Professor of Kilima224
Springcurl Ulysses4610
Springcurl Vega7714
Starlight Express448
Stormacre Bad Romance538
Stormacre Black Cosworth for Pentar6511
Stormacre Black Legend347
Stormacre Born This Way151025
Stormacre Don't Stop Me Now437
Stormacre Keep The Faith369
StormacreInto The Groove AtFleetpaw448
Stormacre Lady Larissa022
Stormacre Lady Lauren448
Stormacre Livin On A Prayer448
Stormacre Marguerita Time279
Stormacre Material Girl7714
Stormacre Miss Maddison336
Stormacre Miss Madeline42428
Stormacre Miss Matilda325
Stormacre Miss Mosslyn at Kelsmere448
Stormacre Mr Mulder6612
Stormacre Super Trouper336
Stormacre Take A Bow336
Summer Lightning Over Gamesmere6612
Sun Devil Samba In Bohemia5510
Sweet Kizzy of Curlylox336
Swickhill Mr Blue Sky19827
Talismanic Bag Of Tricks6713
Tamavon Falcon358
Tamavon Swift448
Tangulls Hollyberry7815
Tengore Amber Nectar of Wintervale549
Tengore Fair Maid of Taunton000
Tengore Glory Of The West71118
Tengore Queen Bee9312
Tengore Mr Moonlight121022
Tessmene Albus Dumbledore358
Tessmene Beauty In My Dreams336
Tessmene Catch Your Dreams With Hamcar6713
Tessmene Diamond At Dawn At Gladrags369
Tessmene Diamond In The Sky437
Tessmene Ooo La La224
Tessmene The Bees Knees71926
Tessmene The Bride To Bee358
Tonispada Nero5510
Turcel Cassandra336
Valtoocurl Chillington336
Valtoocurl My Girl Precious Molly31417
Valtoocurl Wrottesley4711
Wingoren Amariamphi91019
Wingoren Barefoot Contessa112334
Wingoren Beau Brummie at Roydi81018
Wintervale Breeze369
Wintervale Persian448
Wion Wisp224
Woodheale Cool Customer538
Woodheale Hot Property6814