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Week Ending: 28/05/2023

On Wednesday there was a very special event at Buckingham Palace…. It was a Royal Garden Party to celebrate 150 years of the Kennel Club, 1873 – 2023. The celebration coincides with the Kennel Club having been granted a Royal Prefix, and now being known as The Royal Kennel Club. KC members and staff were invited to the garden party and of course were able to take a guest.

What was really exciting was there were a number of Curly people in attendance, and I think you’ll agree they ‘scrubbed up’ well when the opportunity called for it….

CCRC Chairman Nigel Spraggins and his wife Sandra, Treasurer Caron Chattwood and Secretary Vicki Hayes, and RKC staff member Aly Clayton, all made the trip to London for the special day.
Nigel said….
The star of a fabulous afternoon for Royal Kennel Club members and staff. A Royal garden party celebrating 150 years of the Club. Fabulous surroundings, lovely tea followed by ice cream and great to catch up with others in the dog community. The lawns and lake would make an amazing venue for our show and funday but I don’t think we’ll get it

Club News

Breed Representation
Seven Curlies represented the breed in The World of Dogs at the Burghley Game and Country Fair this weekend. Jo & Brett with Fennel, Hebe & Clover, Wendy & Richard with Deco & Nox, and Caron & Stuart with Shine & Rita, were on the stall for the two day show. It was a lovely weekend, both the venue and the weather were fabulous, and best of all they met some really lovely people who were fascinated to meet the dogs and hear all about Curlies.

Gundog Training
The Building Confidence in Retrieving training, arranged by CCRC Working Co-ordinator, Lesley Eden, took place on Saturday, at The Stanks, near Welland. The trainer was Gamekeeper, Hadyn Ebrey. There were five Curlies in attendance, Sarah & Duke, Heather & Beau, Aly & Monty, Nick & Megan, and Lesley & Inka.
Lesley said, after a welcome, there was a warm up exercise across open parkland of varying lengths as each dog was enabled to progress and succeed. Next a hunting exercise in woodland, the dummies were thoughtfully placed where pheasants hide off the ground, as the CCR is air scenting, it was lovely to see them work. Finally water retrieves across the pond and a cool down. Just lovely to be out with like minded people and kind folks who wanted fellow handlers and dogs to succeed.

Champ Shows

Bath Champ Show, 26 May 2023
There were 27 entries for judge, Mrs Di Arrowsmith.
Nina Parker-Miles Tengore Mr Moonlight and Cathrine Mercer & Louise Thomas’ Tyneside’s My Heart Will Go On To Stormacre JW (Imp USA) both won their first Challenge Certificate, and Cathrine & Louise’s Dion won Best Of Breed. Congratulations ladies!
The results can be found here

Bath Stakes Classes results:
Judge: John Thirlwell
Puppy Stakes
3rd Sarah Finch and Molokain Doing The Do At Cetgueli

Champion Stakes
2nd Maggie & Jerry Stephens and Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW ShCM

Open Show Results

Carluke & District Canine Society, 27 May 2023
Judge: Mike Wildman

1st Mr L & Mr M Bain, Crimblescurl Time To Tango At Wenichones JW, and BOB
2nd Mrs J Cummings, Molokain Enchanted One, and RBOB

Shropshire Gundog Society, 28 May 2023
Judge: Mrs Penny Lane-Rudyard

1st Mr J & Mrs MB Stephens Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow, BPIB and shortlisted for BPIS
2nd Mrs AL Moskowitz, Ravenho Mochara Cadeaux
3rd Mrs M Gill & Mrs A Peakes, Ravenho Midnight Miracle At Saxonholme

1st Mrs AL Moskowitz, Ravenho Mochara Cadeaux
2nd Mr J & Mrs MB Stephens, Ravenho Looks Like Trouble For Brightmeadow
3rd Miss C & Mr G Green, Ravenho Comradai Cymro

Post Graduate
1st Mr G & Mrs J Evans, Rowancurl Beachcomber, BOB and shortlisted for BIS
2nd Mrs VC & Mr KM Dooley, Rowancurl Pullman Porter
3rd Mrs C & Ms L Killick, Overbore’s Double or Stick
4th Mrs AL Moskowitz, Brightmeadow Moondance

1st Miss A Clayton, Lizallwood Mr Bojangles JW, RBOB
2nd Mr G & Mrs J Evans, Kukkasen Keita by Caballus


Good Citizen Award Achievements
Penny Janks has told us that Ronnie, Tessmene Tempest Sky At Beauport, has achieved his Silver Good Citizen Award.
Well done Ronnie!