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Week Ending: 28/01/2024
Club News

CCRC Open Show & AGM, 24 February 2024
Two weeks to go until entries close…!
This year we have a new venue….. The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Kenilworth, CV8 2LZ.
Show opens 10.00am, AGM starts 10.30am, and judging starts 11.30am

Our judge this year is breed specialist, Heather Barber (Blanshard)
Online entries can be made up until midnight on 11 February 2024. Please note there will be no extensions.

Open Show Results

Newton Abbot & South Devon Canine Society, 27 January 2024
Judge: Freda Morris-Garget
1 Mr B J & Mrs S M Perkins, Maycourt Miss Sweetness
1 Mr J & Mrs MB Stephens, Ravenho Looks Like Trouble For Brightmeadow, & BOB
2 Mrs M Edworthy, Maycourt Heartbreaker
3 Mr B J & Mrs S M Perkins, Tengore Ruby Tuesday

Border Counties Gundog Club, 28 January 2024
Judge: Diane Stewart-Ritchie (Gwendariff)
1 Mrs J Cummings, Molokain Enchanted One, & BOB

Cardiff Canine Society, 28 January 2024
Judge: Mrs C. SHARP
Post Graduate
1 Mr J & Mrs MB Stephens, Ravenho Looks Like Trouble For Brightmeadow
1 Mr J & Mrs MB Stephens, Sh Ch Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow JW, BOB & Group 4

Stoke On Trent & District Gundog Club, 28 January 2024
Judge: Michael Blay
Post Graduate
1 Mrs A L Moskowitz, Ravenho Mochara Cadeaux, & BOB
2 Mrs J McKenzie, Ravenho Toulouse Latresco At Beddgelert
1 Mrs A L Moskowitz, Brightmeadow Moondance, & RBOB
2 Mrs J McKenzie, Firecurl Pop Goes The Weasel At Beddgelert


KC Good Citizen Award Achievements
Congratulations to Ethan-James Emery & Murdoch, Foxriever Midsummer Magic At Thunderguard, on achieving the Silver Good Citizen Award, just a week after achieveing his Bronze, well done!

Show Curly
Foxriever Solent Solstice at Wightcurls owned by Binni Millichamp and Pete Miller started their year off with a bang. At Isle of Wight Gundog Club, Dog of the Year, Viggo won Best Puppy then went on to win overall Best Dog of the year! Taking after his dad, Goose, who won the same award at a similar age. Absolutely fabulous, congratulations Pete and Binni.

The Working Curly
Special mention this week to Beverley Snudden’s Olive, Roughyeds Regal Return, who picked up her first hen pheasant during Nunwells last shoot of the season. Huge well done both of you.


Driffield Championship Show, 28 August 2023
David Bell’s critique is now available here on the Show Results page.

East Anglian Gundog Society, 8 October 2023
Judge: Caroline Chambers (Hototo)
JD/B: (2/0)
1st RBOB Sutton, Whitehead & Whitehead – Foxriever Grey Ghost. A promising young male, Liver in colour. A substantial masculine dog, well balanced throughout. Good wedge-shaped head, good shape of eye & correct ear shape/set. Balanced angulation front & rear. Ribs nicely sprung, oval & of good depth. Moved with super reach/drive.
2nd Clack’s – Molokain Hocus Pocus. Another nicely made young bitch. She was a little unsettled today in the ring. She has a good shaped head, length of neck & nicely made forequarters showing a good length of blade. Front legs placed well underneath her. Good deep ribs, well sprung & of good shape, Good coat. Moved well but not settled.

PGD/B (1/0)
1st Sutton – Kelsmere Kaddington. Lovely Black 7yr old male, Well built with good strong bone. Good wedge-shaped head & good oval eye shape. His forequarters are of good angulations with well laid shoulders, his forelegs are placed well underneath him. Good depth of rib with good oval shape. Short loin leading to hindquarters showing good bend of stifle. Feet of good shape. He moved extremely well showing good outline.

OD/B (3/0)
1st BOB Group 4 Soloman – Foxriever Mystic Marvel at Elkysar 3.5 yr old Black male. I loved this dog as soon as I saw him, he has elegance & style about him. Presented in good coat condition. He has a good shape head, correct oval eye shape, small ears set correctly. Good length of neck leading to a well-proportioned front assembly. His forelegs placed well underneath him, he has a good depth of rib leading to a short strong loin & moderate tuck up. Well angulated hindquarters & good return of stifle, well let down hocks. On the move, he is a dog I could watch all day long, he is so graceful & elegant, showing super reach/drive & a fabulous outline.

Torquay & District Canine Society, 4 November 2023
Judge: Meaylee-Lewis
Graduate (2) A class of two really lovely siblings with very little to separate them.
Courtier’s MAYCOURT TAKE ME TO THE TOP. A very steady 10 month old black bitch with quality substance all through. Wedge shaped head with dark eyes. Clean reach of neck flowing well into her shoulders. Strong, level topline with her tail flowing nicely into her tail. Her hindquarters balance well with her forehand. Effortless movement on the roundest of feet. RBOB & BPIB
Courtier’s MAYCOURT COVER SHOT. Liver, litter sister to 1. Lovely feminine, well-balanced head. Very clean neck of good length. She stands on straight legs, well under her body, on strong feet. Level topline and correct depth of chest. Moderate bend of stifle. Moved freely with good extension. Will tighten up on the move with maturity.

Open (1)
Edworthy’s MAYCOURT HEARTBREAKER. 3 year old black dog of good substance. Masculine, wedge shaped head with dark eyes. Muscular neck flowing nicely into his shoulders. Chest deep with ribs well-sprung. Topline held level throughout with his tail well set. Stands straight all round on round, strong feet. Moved powerfully with no effort needed and good footfall. BOB

Liskeard DCA, 2 September 2023
Judge: Miss L Puleston
PG (3,1) Litter sisters
1 Courtiers Maycourt Take Me To The Top 8m black B maturing nicely, lovely head, good topline, correct front, well angulated rear moved very well enjoying the large ring BP
2 Courtiers Maycourt cover shot 8m brown B much to like about her moved well, slightly smaller than her sister but are very much alike good topline, nice rear angulation covered the ground well

O (1)
1 Edworthys Maycourt Heartbreaker 2yrs, very masculine, in lovely condition, correct coat, good shoulder placement, nice deep chest, well muscled all through, held a lovely shape standing and moving BOB

Merseyside Gundog Club, 12 November 2023
Judge: Tom Graham
P (3)
1 Mercer & Thomas’ Kahawei Catch The Stars Over Stormacre at 7 mths this black girl must have a bright future, lovely well balanced feminine head with good eye colour & ear set, strong neck flowing into well laid shoulders, super front with good bone & feet, correct depth with ribs well back, lovely short loin, strong in rear, good tight coat, her movement is very precise & free for one so young. I did not hesitate in awarding her BOB/BPIB.
2 Findlow’s Roughyeds Gold Stick Cellar, (Black) her first show at just 6 mths and she coped very well, balanced head, ample bone & tight feet, sufficient depth & ribbing for age, in good coat, moved true.
3 Clinch Roughyyeds Regal Fairbanks.

PG (3)
1 Green’s Ravenho Comradai Cymro 17 mth black, masculine head with dark eye, strong neck, ample depth & ribbing, in good coat, lovely short loin, moved out steadily. RBOB.
2 Inman’s Foxriever Silver Wing Among Keamarola 14 mth black girl, a little hesitant at first but did settle into the task ahead, feminine head, good bone & depth, tight coat well ribbed, moved out true once settled.
3 Wynne-Jones’ Crimblescurl Wildotter.

1 Wynne-Jones’ Crimblescurl Cherry 4 yr, black girl, balanced head, stood true, ample depth & ribbing, adequate coat, short loin, would prefer more positive rear movement.

North Devon CA, 9 September 2023
Judge: Sarah McLellan
PG (2)
1st Courtier’s Maycourt Take Me Top The Top. 8 month old Black B. A nice head shape of equal proportions with gentle stop, good ear placement. A clean neck with a slight arch. Good shoulder angles into straight legs stood 4 square. Chest starting to deepen with a good spring of ribs and a nice tuck up. Matching angles on the rear. Coat curling well Moved well. RBOB BP PG4
2nd Courtier’s Maycourt Cover Shot. B. Litter sister to 1. Liver. All the above applies to this young lady, she just lost out today on movement.

O (1)
1st Edworthy’s Maycourt Heartbreaker. D. A masculine male of good size and balance. A good reach of neck with a nice arch into a lovely lay of shoulder. Forelegs straight and set well under the body. Level topline with a good spring of rib. Strong rear end with a well let down hocks and arched toes moved with drive around the ring BOB.