Curly Comms

Week Ending: 25/06/2023
Club News

Curly Coated Retriever Club Championship Show, 8 July 2023
Judge: Mr Colin Mackay
The entries have now closed and the numbers are in for the Champ Show – Dogs 68 / Entries 87.
What a fantastic entry!
And there’s still time to join us for the Fun Day on 9 July 2023. There will be lots of actvities & fun things to do.

CCRC Judges List
This week, Breed Education Co-Ordinator, Caron Chattwood, has emailed those judges who appear on the most current B or C judging list for the Curly Coated Retriever Club. This has been necessary so the Club can update the records held to ensure compliance with the Kennel Club’s Judges Education Programme. With effect from 1 January 2021 all judges that accept appointments from this date must at least meet the JEP Level 1 requirements:
• Minimum of five years proven interest in pedigree dogs
• Attend a requirements of a dog show judge seminar (but not mandatory to take and pass examination)
• Attend a conformation and movement seminar
• Complete a minimum of two full-day stewarding appointments

In addition to the above the club is also keen to update data held so that a true record of shows and number of dogs judged are accurately recorded and more importantly that judges are correctly listed at the appropriate level for both the traditional and JEP routes. In order to do this judges are requested to complete a questionnaire and return it to Caron without delay.
If you have received email correspondence relating to this, this week, please follow the instructions in the email – Thank You.

BAD & A3 Seminar
Don’t forget we are holding a Breed Appreciation Day (BAD) on Saturday 23rd September 2023, at Chelford Village Hall, Knutsford Road, Chelford, Macclesfield, SK11 9AS. Contact Caron Chattwood, Breed Education Co-Ordinator, for more details.

Champ Shows

Blackpool Champ Show, 23 – 25 June 2023
There were 16 entries at Blackpool for judge, Richard Morris, and he found his Best of Breed in Jerry & Maggie Stephens’ Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow. The full results can be found here on the Show Results page.

Also to note:
Best Puppy In Breed
Mrs H.S.M & Miss B.E. & Miss H.A. Barber, Tonispada Vuori Vincent By Blanshard & he was shortlisted in the Gundog Puppy Group

Class 1534. A.V. Gundog Breeders’ Competition
Judge: Mr Mike Gadsby
Entries: 7 Absentees: 1
1 Mrs A L Moskowitz – Ravenho

Open Show Results

The Royal Cheshire County Show, 20 June 2023
Judge: David Todd

BOB & BB Mr J & Mrs M B Stephens, Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow
RBOB Mrs A L Moskowitz, Ravenho Mochara Cadeaux
BPIB Mrs K Inman, Foxriever Silver Wing Among Keamarola

1 Mrs K Inman, Foxriever Silver Wing Among Keamarola

1 Mr J & Mrs M B Stephens, Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow
2 Mrs A L Moskowitz, Ravenho Mochara Cadeaux
3 Miss C & Mr G Green, Ravenho Comradai Cymro
Res Mrs J L Mckenzie, Ravenho Toulouse Latresco At Beddgelert
VHC Miss F M & Mrs P Valentine, Ravenho Tallow Tango At Pattonia

Post Graduate
1 Mrs A L Moskowitz, Brightmeadow Moondance

1 Mrs A L Moskowitz, Blue Willow At Ravenho

AV Sporting Vulnerable Native Breed Stakes
Judge: Richard Bott
1 Mr J & Mrs M B Stephens, Ravenho Up Town Girl For Brightmeadow & Best VNB Sporting

Post Graduate
4 Mrs A L Moskowitz, Brightmeadow Moondance

Adult Handling
Judge: Miss Meaylee Lewis
3 Mrs J L Mckenzie, Ravenho Toulouse Latresco At Beddgelert

Wealdstone & Northolt Canine Society, 24 June 2023
Judge: Mrs H. Male (Malenbrook)

1 Mrs F & Miss C Carrick, Tessmene Tickety Boo & BPIB
2 Gill Flaher and Ray Richards, Tessmene Icing On The Cake By Kagemusha

Post Graduate
1 Ms P Janks, Tessmene Tempest Sky At Beauport

1 Mrs F & Miss C Carrick Tessmene, The Cats Whiskers & BOB
2 Ms P Janks, Tessmene Tea For Two At Beauport

Derbyshire Agricultural & Horticultural Society, 25 June 2023
Judge: Shuan Layton
Group Judge: Jacque Bayne

1 Mrs A L Moskowitz, Ravenho Mochara Cadeaux
2 Miss C & Mr G Green, Ravenho Comradai Cymro

Post Graduate
1 Mrs A L Moskowitz, Brightmeadow Moondance
2 Miss C & Mr G Green, Ravenho Comradai Cymro

1 Miss J Stubbs, Brightmeadow Take Your Time At Densdale, BOB & Shortlisted in the Group
2 Mrs A L Moskowitz, Blue Willow At Ravenho
3 Mr P A & Ms R A Baines & Hawley-Clarke, Karnawalowy Drink Z Basisfory (Imp Pol)

Eastbourne & District Canine Society, 25 June 2023
Judge: Miss Alexandra Adshead (Afonbach)

1 Mrs F & Miss C Carrick Tessmene Tickety Boo, BPIB & RBOB

1 Miss Gill Boorman, Tessmene Talk Of The Town, BOB & shortlisted in the Group
2 Mrs F & Miss C Carrick, Tessmene The Cats Whiskers


The Working Curly Coated Retriever

The Minor Breeds Working Test, 25 June 2023
Judges: Rose Lewis & Yvonne Storr
The Curly Team was:
Nick Eden with Megan
Sue Margerison and River
Heather Driscoll with Beau
Sarah Finch with Duke (Reserve)

The CCR Club supplied the team Polo Shirts & Caps.

The final placings were:
1 Sporting Irish Water Spaniels
2 Flat Coated Retrievers
3 Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
4 Curly Coated Retrievers
Lesley told us,
Well done everyone, some young handlers and young dogs and you did FAB. You worked as a team on some long retrieves on the land and in the water. There were some very experienced handlers in all the teams.

Well done to the Curly team for working together and supporting each other throughout the day…

The Gundog Training – Beginners / Novice Training Session, arranged by CCRC Working Co-Ordinator Heather Barber, took place at Lingholm, Keswick, Cumbria, 25 June 2023.

Heather told us:
It was a really good day! It was just an introductory session so concentrated on the basics and encouraging and harnessing the retrieve. It was only a small number but more than enough. There was Shirley Buchanan with May & Glory, Fiona and Kevin Valentine with their two, Caron with Rita, Will & his lab puppy Rebel (honorary Curly). Bea with Giles & Edgar. I also brought in my other two – Humphrey & Louis as stooge dogs to help encourage the competitive element. All dogs did really well and surpassed all expectations.

Sounds like it was a great start for all the handlers and their dogs….


Judge: David McCubbin

Junior (0)

Post Graduate (4,2a)
1 – Hodsons Rowancurl Gaelor – Strong outline on this upstanding young boy with tight curls to coat, balanced length of head with dark eye, correctly set on and laid ear, strong and clean neck, well laid back shoulder and good return of upper arm, excellent forechest, well sprung ribs and short coupling, well muscled quarters with moderate stifle, tight feet with well arched toes. Moved with precision and drive in this class, he pushed hard for BOB but did not show the same movement in the challenge. RBOB
2 – Dooleys Rowancurl Pullman Porter – A more compact type of dog than 1, good angular head with well set ear, not quite the length of neck or front angles of 1, nicely sprung rib carried well back into short coupling, moderate angulation at rear, moved out and back ok.

Open (4,1a)
1 – Stubbs’ Brightmeadow Take Your Time At Densdale – Lovely strong outline on this boy whose head with its wedge shaping, balanced lengths of foreface and skull and dark eye fitted my understanding of the breed standard perfectly, strong arched neck with good layback of shoulder and equal return of upper arm, good forechest, strong legs with round feet and well arched toes. Deep ribbing that was carried well back to a short coupling, moderately bent stifle with good let down of hock, presented in gleaming crisply curled coat, moved with good extension and strong drive with slight convergence behind. Please to award him BOB today.
2 – Claytons Lizallwood Mr Bojangles JW – Liver boy of good type, nicely shaped head from all angles with small ears, moderate length to neck, well laid back shoulder, good spring to rib but not quite as tight to the elbow as I would like, strong loin with short coupling, good legs and correct feet, moved with reach and drive.
3 – Spraggins Tusepo Amazing Love

Vulnerable Native Breeds 34 Breed Show, 18 June 2023
Judge: Roz Davies (Redanimo)

Thank you to Jacky Cutler and Team for organising this inaugural VBN show. Thanks to the CCR Club for sponsoring the entry. I was privileged to have been invited to judge at this special 1st event and many thanks to the exhibitors for their entries, and supporting the Vulnerable Native Breeds show.
Thanks to the stewards who were also tasked with giving out commemorative VNB Curly coasters, which would not have been possible without the huge efforts made by Heather Driscoll. Thanks Heather!

Puppy (6/3)
1. Huckle’s Foxriever Storm Cloud BP, 9.5mth black D, up to size, with good proportions. Head wedge shape with obliquely set eyes. Correct bite. Arched neck flowed into level topline, held on the move, with good tail set. Good forechest and width of brisket. Well placed shoulders, and sufficient rear angles. Depth to curly coat. Very together on the move for a puppy and showed well in the PG.
2. Hutchins’ Foxriever Moon Dancer, Liver litter sister to 1. Broader head than 1, eye colour matching with her dense curls. Strong neck to well placed shoulders. Deep chest and oval ribs, topline straight with puppyish rise to rear. Correct loin and slight tuck up. Good straight forelegs set under body, backend needs time to strengthen, which was reflected in movement. Plenty of time to mature on.
3. Driscoll’s Overbore Bombette For Hisriver

Junior (7/4)
1. Moskowitz’s Ravenho Mochara Cadeaux, Black B, 12.5 mths. Elegant and feminine in profile, correct head planes, eyes oblique and correct ear size. Arched neck and visible forechest, good to go over with moderate matching angulations front and rear. Level topline, with tail flowing from croup. Lovely coat for age. Muscled back end used well on the move.
2. McKenzie’s Ravenho Toulouse Latresco At Beddgelert, Litter sister to 1. Similar comments apply. Overall slightly larger than 1, not the front of 1. Well developed oval ribs and short loin. Stands on good bone and feet. These 2 can change places as they mature.
3. Clack’s Molokain Hocus Pocus

Limit (14/6)
1. Hayes, Biglin, Walton & Chattwood’s Gorchest’s Pendlecurl’s Rising Star At Pepperiever BOB, Ultra feminine black B. Pretty head with oblique eye, ears close to head, correct planes. She has medium and arched neck, forechest and well sprung ribs. Underline showing tuck up. Eye-catching outline of balanced proportions and type. Angles matching fore and aft, which showed in her steady movement on the day. Topline and tailset kept on the move, topped with a crisp tight curly coat. Strode out in the Group.
2. Dooley’s Rowancurl Pullman Porter, Masculine black D with maturing to do. Strong and moderate. Level planes to head, ears close in, correct bite, arched neck to well laid shoulders. Topline and tail carried level on the go around, tidy movement. Good width to deep chest, showing forechest, oval enough leading to short deep loin. Correct matching angles, well boned fore and hind legs, moderate stifle and well bent hocks. Coat OK.
3. Edworthy’s Maycourt Heartbreaker

Open (8/3)
1. Clayton’s Lizallwood Mr Bojangles JW RBOB, Liver masculine D, Broad head, strong jaw and correct bite. Oval lighter colour eye. Short compact neck into muscled shoulders. Shows forechest, and width, deep chest leading to strong loin. Muscled hind quarters, with good rear angulation, and well let down hocks. Tail set OK and on the move the best footfall in the class. Good coat.
2. Parker-Miles’s Tengore Mr Moonlight, Black D upstanding and strong. Close up to 1. Head wedge shaped, with dark rounder eye. Medium length arched neck, correct shoulders set on deep oval chest. Forelegs are well boned and set under body. Correct underline and strong loin. Topline level, held on the move, tail set OK. Super coat of tight curls.
3. Spraggins’s Tusepo Amazing Love

Veteran ( 4/2)
1. Spraggins’s Pepperiever Love In A Mist At Tuespo BV, Black B with wedge head and kind eye. Balanced proportions, moderate, good angles fore
and aft. Correct oval ribs and visible forechest. Forelegs straight and well set under. Muscled hind end belies age, with steady gait when moved slower. Excellent coat.
2. Clack’s Molokain Ilusia, Slightly larger black B with correct head and eye, medium arched neck with good oval ribs. Liked her expression and overall proportions. Muscled shoulders and well set, standing on well boned forelegs. Good through body with deep loin. Weaker through hind end than 1 which affected movement, not her best jacket on the day.

**Due to the success of this year’s show, next year’s Vulnerable Native Breed Show has already been booked – it will take place on Sunday 6 October 2024, in the East Hall at Stoneleigh.