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Week Ending: 24/09/2023
Club News

Breed Appreciation Day, 23 September 2023
What a fantastic day at the Curly Coated Retriever Breed Appreciation Day, held on Saturday at Chelford Village Hall, Chelford, Macclesfield. The event was well attended by people with varying levels of experience, those there for the breed seminar, those there for the seminar and Multiple Choice Exam, and those there for the A3 Assessment.

There were ofcourse Curlies in attendance:
Tarzan – Sh Ch Brightmeadow Never Say Die JW ShCM – what a fantastic ambassador for the breed he is. Tarzan was the demonstration dog for the Breed Seminar, delivered by CCRC Chairman, Nigel Spraggins. Nigel started with a potted history of the origins of the breed, leading nicely into the KC Breed Standard. Tarzan, for demo purposes, was up on a grooming table, he was probably up there a good 40 minutes, ably handled by Maggie Stephens. He was so calm, allowing Nigel to demonstrate going over a dog, showing his teeth, and having masking tape put on him to show his angulation front and rear. Do you know what, he wagged his tail the whole time, what a star….

The Curlies for the A3 Assessment were:
Nornie – Sh Ch Maycourt Hot Love At Tusepo
Deco – Hunters Pride Jurajska Gwiazda At Tarockwood
Nox – Firecurl Some Like It Hot At Tarockwood
Dru – Brightmeadow Take Your Time At Densdale
Wren – Overbore’s Ace Of Hearts
Shine – Gorechest’s Victory At Sea By Pepperiever
All of these Curlies just did so well, they spent the day with different handlers or not their normal handlers, with lots of different people going over them. What fabulous temperaments were on display here….

We also had a four and a half month old Curly Puppy:
Brynn – Roughyeds Regal Weir
He was such a good lad, he took it all in his stride, meeting and socialising with the older Curlies, and  of course everyone wanted to meet him and make a fuss of him. Again he let different people put him into his show stand and move him. Definitely a little star for the future there, he certainly seemed to love his day out.

All the dogs took part as ‘Pod Dogs’ in the afternoon, which allowed people to meet them and to gain experience of going over the dogs, and to ask questions of the handlers.

There were plenty of refreshments, tea, coffee, & cold drinks – throughout the day. Bacon sandwiches upon arrival, and freshly made sandwiches and salads for lunch, not to mention the fabulous cakes.

There was such a lovely atmosphere amoungst the delegates, with time to socialise, and everyone got something out of the day. Those who attended the Seminar, learnt about Curly history, the breed standard, and movement and conformation. All those taking the Multiple Choice Exam passed, and there were certainly some happy and relieved people when the A3 Assessment results were announced.

What a fabulous day, I would recommend this to anyone, not only aspiring judges, but anyone who has a genuine interest in Curly Coated Retrievers.

It was also so lovely to see Aly Clayton there, after her very difficult week. For those of you that don’t know we have lost a much loved member of our Curly family. Aly’s Monty – Lizallwood Mr Bojangles was sadly lost suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday.

Aly & Carol
The CCRC would like to extend best wishes, love, and support to both Aly Clayton, and Carol Johnstone, who has also had a very difficult week due to family circumstances.

Curly Coated Retriever Club Fun Training Day, 15 October 2023
The Curly Club is holding a Fun Training Day, taking place on the 15 October 2023, at CAST Dog Training, Leeming Bar, North Yorkshire, DL7 0RN.

The workshops available are Agility, Brain Games, and either Hoopers or Rally. If you are interested please contact Jo Clayton and tell her which training you would prefer. The cost will be £20 per dog & handler. Don’t miss out, book now ensure your place – hope to see you there…
There’s also overnight camping available, with basic facilites.

CCRC Winter Open Show & Obedience, 5 November 2023
Entries are now open for the CCRC Winter Open Show and Obedience being held at Tomlinson’s Canine Centre, Markfield, Leicester.

Open Show Judge – Breed Specialist Jerry Stephens (Brightmeadow)
Obedience Judge – Linda Wild
Entries close at Midnight on Sunday 22 October 2023 there will be no extentions for this show.

Open Show Results

Isle of Wight Gundog Club Open Show, 16 September 2023
Judge: Laurie Laurence Hunt
1 Pete Miller & Binni Millichamp’s, Foxriever Solent Sensation at Wightcurls, BOB
2 Pete Miller & Binni Millichamp’s, Foxriever Solent Solstice at Wightcurls RBOB

AV Gundog Veteran 10 years & over 2 (1)
Judge: David Pike
1 Pete Miller & Binni Millichamp’s Curlabull Iron Lion Zion ShCM

Exeter & County Canine Society, 16 September 2023
Judge: Janis Ward
Post Graduate
1 Karol Riva’s Tessmene Rock That Look, RBOB
1 Margaret Edworthy’s Maycourt Heartbreaker, BOB

Stoke On Trent & District Gundog Club, 24 September 2023
Judge: Graeme Hughes
1 Jo McKenzie’s, Ravenho Toulouse Latresco At Beddgelert
2 Marie Gill & Peakes, Ravenho Midnight Miracle At Saxonholme, RBOB
1 Jo McKenzie’s, Ravenho Toulouse Latresco at Beddgelert, BOB


Scottish & Northern Curly Owners Meet Up, 15 October 2023
A Meet Up has been arranged for 15 October at the Stables, Falkland Estate, Falkland, Fife, KY15 7AF. The hope is to foster a community spirit in the breed and to help promote the Curly. The organiser, Leslie Bain, has said, ‘the Estate is the former hunting ground of the Stuart Kings and has a superb mixture of tracks to walk in the stunning countryside of Fife. We will meet at the Stables where there is a dog friendly cafe serving hot and cold drinks as well as food freshly prepared. The Scones are fantastic.

KC Good Citizen Award Achievements
Congratulations to:
Jeanette Findlow & Marion, Roughyeds Gold Stick Cellar, on achieving the Puppy Foundation Award,
Esmond Gadd & Ivy, Fleetpaw Miss Saigon, on achieving the Bronze Good Citizen Award,
Lou Moskowitz & Willow, Blue Willow At Ravenho, on achieving the Bronze Good Citizen Award,
Lou Moskowitz & India, Ravenho Mochara Cadeaux, on achieving the Bronze Good Citizen Award,
Lou Moskowitz & Meadow, Brightmeadow Moondance, on achieving the Bronze Good Citizen Award, and
Gill Flaher, Sarah & Daisy, Tessmene Icing On The Cake By Kagemusha, on achieving the Silver Good Citizen Award
What a bumper week….Congratulations everyone!

This week Shirley Buchanan has been out and about with her dogs, Mantrailing with WOLF Instincts Dog Training & Behaviour, in Chester-le-Street. May – Fleetpaw First Lady & Glory – Curlies on Wings Crossroad Glory, are of course at two totally different levels – May’s a bit of an expert, she previously demonstrated her skills at the Mantrailing Day organised by Jo Clayton of the Curly Club in May this year. This week Glory was having a go…. The trainer set up two totally different level trails to suit both May & Glory. They had a great day, said the weather wasn’t bad, and they had a great game of hide and seek. Also what a great catchphrase for Mantrailing…’You can run but you can’t hide‘.

The Working Curly
Heather Driscoll has been training with her young Curly, Iris, Overbore Bombette For HisRiver, who is just 10 months old. She has been learning the stop whistle, and working on her 3 D’s – Duration, Distance, and Distraction. Heather is really pleased with her progression, and said ‘Beauty and brains with this one!


St Andrews Cupar & District Canine Society, 3 June 2023
Judge: Mr Les Forfar (Glasedin)
AV NSC Gundog O (4,2)
1 Bain’s Crimblecurl Time to Tango at Wenichones JW. Mature CCR bitch who caught my eye on entering the ring with her stunning profile and outline. Big ribbed, deep, short coupled body. The best of legs and feet. Copy book neck and shoulder placement. Presented in immaculate coat and condition. Like her immensely. Group 2 .Very close up to the superb Pointer Dog.
2 Duff’s Overbore League Of Their Own. Mature CCR dog. Presented in good coat and condition. Well boned legs and good feet correct for his breed. Moved soundly fore and aft, could not match the overall quality of the bitch.
From a strong Gundog Group, I selected the following.
1st Pointer, 2nd CCR, 3rd Gordon Setter, Res Hungarian Vizsla.

Isle of Wight Gundog Club
, 16 September 2023
Judge: David Pike
AV Gundog Veteran 10 years & over 2 (1)
1. Miller & Millichamp’s Curlabull Iron Lion Zion ShCM: – (Curly Coated Retriever) Correct wedge-shaped head with small well-set ears. Dark eye with soft expression. Clean neck leading into well laid shoulder. Well-made hindquarters. Moved well on a good length of stride.