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Hi everyone, thank you for your patience during these difficult times. I am happy to post the results of the 100 Club draws from January to July 2020. Congratulations to the winners and the cheques are in the post!!

January 2020 - 1st S Coxon, 2nd I Rawson, 3rd G Flaher
February 2020 - 1st G May, 2nd D Hodson, 3rd K & P Bramall
March 2020 - 1st D Hodson, 2nd Mr M Jacques, 3rd G Phillips
April 2020 - 1st Dr A Cohen, 2nd Mr & Mrs Kirk, 3rd C Turner
May 2020 - 1st L Curtis, 2nd Mr & Mrs Kirk, 3rd D Hodson
June 2020 - 1st H Driscoll, 2nd T Stevens, 3rd L Curtis
July 2020 - N Spraggins, 2nd H Driscoll, 3rd L Lacey

1st Prize £20.00 - 2nd Prize £12.00 - 3rd Prize £8.00

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A quick note to say that I have received Carole Coode's critique from Crufts and it will appear on the CCRC website very soon. Carole apologised for the delay but it was forwarded to 'Our Dogs' a few days after Crufts and an acknowledgement was received but unfortunately the critique was never published. Gill ...

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This is a message for members of the CCRC.

The Committee will shortly be sending a communication either by e-mail or surface mail to all members with regards to the Yearbook and other updates. In the meantime, a version of the Yearbook amended for the internet can be found on the Club website by clicking on the ‘Club’ tab.

We appreciate your forbearance in the delay to a printed yearbook being posted out.

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